A List of Skateboard Documentaries Worth Viewing

still from a skateboard documentairy

In case you aren’t able to go out and skate, I thought it might be a good idea to gather a list skateboard documentaries worth watching for different reasons. Some of these are free to watch and others are not, but with some searching skills you should be able to find them (Bing actually works … Read more

Skateboarders That Aren’t Particularly Liked by The Community


We often praise skateboarding for being a warm and welcoming community. However, skaters can be quite judgemental towards skateboard brands, tricks and, well, other skaters. While it usually originates from a good place. Skaters care about perpetuating the original spirit and freedom associated with skateboarding. It can result in pretty harsh comments, or straight up … Read more

15 Skateboarding Facts You Didn’t Know About

facts about skateboarding

Skateboarding is an internationally recognized sport and lifestyle that millions of people worldwide have the pleasure of enjoying. We have top-notch skateparks all over the globe, high-profile professional stars, jaw-dropping Olympic events, and some of the coolest apparel brands in all of sports. Considering the origin of skateboarding compared to the level it’s at today, … Read more

Is Mall Grabbing A Skateboard Bad? It Isn’t!

holding a skateboard by the trucks or mall grab

The mall grab is often a dead giveaway that you’re dealing with a poser skateboarder. Grabbing a board by the trucks is generally frowned upon because to carry a skateboard around as a fashion statement grinds some skateboarder’s gear. At least that’s what the internet makes you believe, honestly mall grabbing is a non issue. … Read more