I Bought A Bunch Of Terrible Skateboards On Amazon

terrible skateboards

A while ago I decided to buy a bunch of cheap Amazon skateboards. I checked the ratings and all of them came with great reviews, many of them are actually Amazon’s Choice! Imagine buying a $30 skateboard with a 5-star review, must be a great skateboard right? Wrong! Absolute dog shit. Most of the reviews … Read more

Skating the Nike SB Shane Vulc

Nike SB Shane skate shoes

One has got to admire the skills of Shane O’Neill and his pro shoe is one of the best vulcanized skate shoes Nike SB offers. They are lightweight, feature thin insoles, and offer a significant amount of board feel and control, boosting your confidence. Like most vulcanized skate shoes, the Nike SB Shane don’t require … Read more

A List of Skateboard Documentaries Worth Viewing

still from a skateboard documentairy

In case you aren’t able to go out and skate, I thought it might be a good idea to gather a list skateboard documentaries worth watching for different reasons. Some of these are free to watch and others are not, but with some searching skills you should be able to find them (Bing actually works … Read more

Our Experience Skating The Powell Peralta Golden Dragon

powel peralta golden dragon skateboard

I was under the impression the Golden Dragon to be mediocre given its frequent promotions on questionable sites. However, after purchasing and trying it out, it’s not that bad. It’s a decent skateboard for it’s price. The trucks turn smooth and the softer wheels are versatile meaning they can handle slightly rougher surfaces but also … Read more

Testriding SkateXS Skateboards With A Beginner Kid

girl riding a SkateXS skateboard for the first time

For some time now I really wanted to get my hands on a SkateXS skateboard because they configure skateboards the way I think kids’ skateboards should be designed. Many skateboard brands offer smaller kid-sized skateboard but usually don’t have much more to offer. Some are even dangerous to ride. SkateXS skateboards are of the highest … Read more

Debunking the ABEC-Rating Myth

mini logo skateboard bearings

As a kid I used to think that a higher ABEC-rating meant faster bearings, some guys at out local park used to brag about their ABEC-7 bearings and how much faster they could ride now. I guess that was some sort of placebo effect because in reality ABEC has nothing to do with the quality … Read more

Assembling a Cruiser Trick Setup Is Pretty Easy

Landyachtz ATV

I often see this question come up on Reddit, what is a good cruiser for tricks? Cruisers aren’t great for tricks, but assembling one yourself is incredibly easy. All you need is a popsicle-shaped deck, medium-hard wheels, and trucks from any brand. As for bearings, it doesn’t matter much. Choose Zealous Classic bearings for longer … Read more

Stay Away From Expensive Ceramic Bearings

Bones ceramic bearings

A while ago I bought a bunch of skateboard bearings from reputable brands to see if there’s any difference. It also included two sets of Bones ceramics bearings and one set of Bronson Speed Co. ceramics. I tried them myself and handed them out to a few local skaters that ride in all conditions. These … Read more