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Hey! RippedLaces was taken over and will go into a different direction. RippedLaces will be about skateboarding (and shoes) but without the interviews and scoops. Think of this site as a Q&A type of site.

About RippedLaces

RippedLaces used to belong to another owner before I took over. You can still find some of their social media accounts (Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo). Some of the old articles can be retrieved from the Internet Archive, unfortunately not eveything was saved.

The new RippedLaces.com will primarily address frequently asked question, cover product reviews, and fun stuff like skater bio’s, games, documentaries, etc. For now the focus will be on skate shoes, from there we’ll move on to other stuff.

Why Should We Trust You?

Well it’s always a good idea to be skeptical, especially on the web and even more when it comes to purchasing products.

I’ve skated many decks, wheels, shoes, bearings, and setups over the years. Probably more than most skateboardersmso i know a thing or two. I’m now in my late 30’s but ride skateboards since I was 8 years old.

I have intimate knowledge of what makes a good skateboard, skate shoe, park, a great trick, or a well made documentary. Combined with actually testing of products, sometimes for months, my opinion matters more over those fake skateboard blogs you see around a lot (with the exception of a few).

We offer real unique images of products, real videos, and honest reviews. There will always be bias, but we try to keep it as honest as possible. We won’t recommend low quality Amazon skateboards just to get a click, or try to have you buy an overly expensive product if their is a cheap alternative.

Please keep in mind that some of products we recommend might earn us a small commission, but we’ll let you know before you click the link.

What Makes You Different From Other Skateboard Recommendation Blogs?

Honestly, most of the other blogs suck. They don’t offer original content and just rewrite what they can find on the web. I can guarantee that these blog owners or writer never touched a skateboard in their life. They offer you a list of Amazon products that are often unsafe, low quality, but just cheap enough to make you think you buy a good product.

We buy our own products, test them in various conditions and tell you what to buy and what not. This takes a lot of time and money, and you get proper recommendations.