Skate Park Etiquette & How Not To Be an *ss

skateboarders riding on flatground

Your first time at a skatepark can be very exciting, and often a bit scary!  The obstacles are pristine, and there are people performing amazing tricks.  This article will explain how to behave at skateparks, also known as Skatepark Etiquette. Skateparks can have a lot of rules.  In addition to the written rules most skateparks … Read more

Custom Skateboard Setup Examples That Work

custom skateboard setups up close

Picking skateboard parts yourself is usually more expensive but worth it when you’re serious about skateboarding. Also, you need to put the parts together but many shops assemble a skateboard if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. I always advise to go to your local skate shop and tell them your budget. They love … Read more

Great Skateboards For Kids We Tested (All Ages)

skateboards laying on the ground

After buying and testing many kids skateboards, it’s time to show you a couple of kids’ skateboards that are safe. Even though me and my kid aren’t exceptional skaters, we love to ride and we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Since I can’t tell how old your kid is, … Read more

A Simple Breakdown of the Cost of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not cheap, because buying a skateboard is just the beginning. The additional costs are often overlooked and it can add up depending on the style you prefer. Shoes and decks often need to be replaced which can become expensive. Skateboard parts One time Cost Skateboard deck $35 to $65 Skateboard Wheels $15 to … Read more

Custom Skateboard Setups and Styles Guide

custom skateboards and completes

Building your own custom setup is a joy, from picking the parts to assembling your own special skateboard. To help you on your way I picked a couple of styles and parts that work well togheter. Note that these are just suggestions. You can pick parts according to your budget, my examples are to show … Read more