Average Skateboard Speed in A Brief Overview

How fast you are able to go depends on the riding surface and your environment, your experience and skill level with skateboarding, as well as your entire skateboard setup (wheel diameter, bearings, weight).

Below are a few real-life examples of average skateboard speeds recorded and measured by actual skateboarders. 

Type of SkateboardingAverage Speed
Moderately Skilled Skateboarder (Soft Wheels)7.5 mph
Short Commutes (2 Miles)8-12 mph
Moderate cruising with big soft wheels (7 Miles)7 mph
10+ Miles On Flat5-8 mph
UC Davis Average Skateboard Speed Observations9.7 mph
Hard Pushing With quality (new) Bearings7.5 – 12 mph
Average speed of skateboards and longboards

Better-quality skateboards combined with more experienced riders and a few downhills will average higher speeds than moderate to inexperienced skaters with lower quality boards.

The world record for the fastest speed that was achieved on a skateboard is 91.17 mph and was acquired by peter Connolly in 2017, beating Kyle Wester by a small margin.

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