How Skateboard Decks Are Made

adding concave to a skateboard deck with pressure

Basically a skateboard is a piece of shaped plywood with wheels that you ride around your town and skatepark. But there is much more to your skateboard deck than that. If you are the inquisitive type, you want to know how this piece of wood that has given you a mix of pleasure and pain … Read more

What Skateboards Decks Are Made of & Why it Matters

set of skateboard decks

Skateboard decks are made from a variety of materials. The most common material is Hard Maple. While decks can be made from other woods and a combination of woods and fibre reinforcement, Hard Maple has been tried tested and trued for decades. But if you have requirements that Maple cannot meet, there are a plethora … Read more

What Is Skateboard Deck Concave? Mellow, Medium or Steep?

skateboard deck-concaves types

When you pick up your first skateboard and start riding, you don’t give much thought to the board specifics. One may seem like any other, but it isn’t long before you realize that subtle differences in the design can make a big difference in the feel of the board. One important thing to consider when … Read more