Assembling a Cruiser Trick Setup Is Pretty Easy

Landyachtz ATV

I often see this question come up on Reddit, what is a good cruiser for tricks? Cruisers aren’t great for tricks, but assembling one yourself is incredibly easy. All you need is a popsicle-shaped deck, medium-hard wheels, and trucks from any brand. As for bearings, it doesn’t matter much. Choose Zealous Classic bearings for longer … Read more

Stay Away From Expensive Ceramic Bearings

Bones ceramic bearings

A while ago I bought a bunch of skateboard bearings from reputable brands to see if there’s any difference. It also included two sets of Bones ceramics bearings and one set of Bronson Speed Co. ceramics. I tried them myself and handed them out to a few local skaters that ride in all conditions. These … Read more

Average Skateboard Speed in A Brief Overview

How fast you are able to go depends on the riding surface and your environment, your experience and skill level with skateboarding, as well as your entire skateboard setup (wheel diameter, bearings, weight). Below are a few real-life examples of average skateboard speeds recorded and measured by actual skateboarders.  Type of Skateboarding Average Speed Moderately … Read more

My Skateboarding Survival Kit To Save A Sesh

skateboard survival kit

I always carry around more items than I should, and most of the time I don’t need them. There are days when just bringing an extra bearing or a skate tool can save your session. It’s not just saving your own session, sometimes you canĀ  help another skater out and people really appreciate that. We’ve … Read more

Goofy And Regular Stance Explained

skateboard foot placement

When you first learn how to ride a board you start with determining if you are regular of goofy. You can find out your preferred stance by just riding on a skateboard and see what feels natural. Goofy stance on a skateboard means placing the right foot in front and the left foot back. Regular means … Read more

Detailed Guide To Getting The Right Skate Shoes

Nike SB BRSB skateboard shoe

Wearing proper skateboard shoes can make all the difference. It’s important to wear skateboarding shoes because good skate shoes will increase your grip, board feel, absorb shocks and prevent injuries. Not all feet are the same and there’s a lot to consider picking the right skate shoe for you. so how do you choose the … Read more

Skateboard Hiatus, Getting Back After A Long Break

skateboarder in bowl

I took a long break from skateboarding and didn’t skate for over 10 years. Getting back into skateboarding after a big hiatus isn’t as difficult as you imagine. Sure you won’t shred like you used to but it’s still a great sport. Here’s how you get back into skateboarding after a long break: If you’re … Read more

Skateboard Setups Suitable For Adults

bowl setup

Perhaps you want to get back into skateboarding or maybe you’re completely new and have no idea what to look for. Don’t worry I got you covered, from complete cruisers to custom setups, let’s dive a bit into what would be right for you and what to avoid. The best you can do is setup … Read more