Our Experience Skating The Powell Peralta Golden Dragon

powel peralta golden dragon skateboard

I was under the impression the Golden Dragon to be mediocre given its frequent promotions on questionable sites. However, after purchasing and trying it out, it’s not that bad. It’s a decent skateboard for it’s price. The trucks turn smooth and the softer wheels are versatile meaning they can handle slightly rougher surfaces but also … Read more

Testriding SkateXS Skateboards With A Beginner Kid

girl riding a SkateXS skateboard for the first time

For some time now I really wanted to get my hands on a SkateXS skateboard because they configure skateboards the way I think kids’ skateboards should be designed. Many skateboard brands offer smaller kid-sized skateboard but usually don’t have much more to offer. Some are even dangerous to ride. SkateXS skateboards are of the highest … Read more