Great Skateboards For Kids We Tested (All Ages)

After buying and testing many kids skateboards, it’s time to show you a couple of kids’ skateboards that are safe. Even though me and my kid aren’t exceptional skaters, we love to ride and we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

best skateboards for kids

Since I can’t tell how old your kid is, I selected a few boards for different ages. I already covered many skateboards from ages 6 to 12, and I urge you not to buy a skateboard for kids under 5-years-old.

From the age of 12 and up I recommend assembling a skateboard yourself. A skateboard is an awesome gift and you could change the course of a kids’ life, however at this age you really need some quality stuff. All the board listed here are fine, but almost all completes have some issues. Please check my buyers guide at the bottom of this page.

We tested all the skateboards here to the extreme just to make sure they are safe. Use this chart to pick the right size skateboard. If a kid is in between sizes, pick a wider size.

AgeKid heightSkateboard width
5 or under3’4 or under6.5″ to 7.0″
6 to 83’5 to 4’47.0″ to 7.5″
9-124’5 to 5’27.5″ to 8.0″
13 and over5’3 or over8.0″+

SkateXS Complete

SkateXS kids Skateboards

Let’s start with the winner, because SkateXS offers the best skateboards for kids. You get high-quality trucks, great Mini Logo bearings, and colorful SkateXS branded wheels. This skateboard offers a smooth ride on asphalt, pavements, and skate parks.

The deck is made of strong maple wood combined with bamboo. Anything between 7.5″ and 8.0″ will be fine for kids but SkateXS helps you to pick the right size. Check SkateXS for availability.

  • Best Quality skateboard
  • Durable trucks
  • High quality wheels
  • Bearings roll smooth
  • Great graphics
  • Comes in different sizes and colors

SkateXS Skateboard Details

We’ve skated this board for some time the deck keeps its pop for a long time. No signs of chipping or delamination, also no pressure cracks or warping. Even an adult can ride this board and it can take quite a beating.

One of the better decks on this list, and comes with graphics for boys and girls to make it more appealing. The construction consists of bamboo and maple, making it last longer compared to birch or only maple.


Colorful SkateXS brand wheels that provide enough grip and stability for younger riders. Great for cruising and they perform well in parks and streets. The Higher end version consists of higher quality Spitfire wheels.


skateXS skateboard trucks

You can either get Thunder trucks or SkateXS trucks. Thunders are the best trucks you can get but in my opinion the SkateXS street trucks are a safe choice for kids.

They are cheaper but just as good as many professional skateboard trucks out there. They turn great and come with custom bushings which don’t require tweaking. The hollow kingpin makes them lightweight and the custom bushings makes the trucks turn smoothly.

It comes with Mini Logo bearings that are a lot better than most of the setups listed here. Perhaps not for the demanding skater, but fine for beginners and kids. The SkateXS kids skateboard is our most recommended skateboard.

Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto mini cruiser skateboard

Not a trick skateboard but a great cruiser for kids at a very reasonable price. It performed way better than I expected even though it isn’t the best quality board you can buy.

My kid needed some time to get used to the loose trucks, but we fixed this after adjusting the trucks a bit. This is a great board for kids to learn how to ride without having to worry about cracks, pebbles, or anything blocking the wheels.

The wheels and bearings aren’t the best, but not an issue for kids. Adults should avoid this board but kids under 13 will have a blast.

  • Very light deck
  • The trucks turn well but require some tweaking
  • Great cruiser on a budget
  • Not the best bearings but the large 60mm wheels compensate for that
  • Wheels are okay, they roll smooth and provide enough grip
  • Not meant for tricks
  • Great for kids up to 13 years old

Magneto Mini Cruiser Details

After riding many cruisers, the deck looks a bit cheap to me but it offers enough room to get into a comfortable stance. The transparent grip is durable and offers a decent grip but it ‘s also easy to adjust the foot placement. The concave of the deck is medium plus, which allows for quick stance adjustments while carving or riding over rougher surfaces.

The nose doesn’t really have a purpose, but the kicktail allows kids to really dig in at higher speeds. We didn’t experience any wheel bite so the wheel wells work properly.

Wheel bite is when a wheel comes into contact with the bottom of a skateboard deck when carving. This often causes you to fall because the board suddenly stops moving.

The wheels are quite big and soft, but don’t ride as smooth as the Arbor Pocket Rocket which I’ll address later. To me this makes a tremendous difference but less so for kids as they don’t weight that much.

Overall, the 60mm wheels handle cracks and rough surfaces really well and no issues when kids run into gravel. They just plow through like the pebbles aren’t there.

The trucks are fine for kids but I advise tightening them a bit because they feel really loose at first. If you ride this board straight out of the box, it will feel unstable. Very easy to fix by tightening the large nuts on the trucks. The back trucks should be looser than the front for optimal performance.

Not the best compared to the Arbor Pocket Rocket but they work well with the larger wheels. Overall the board rolls smooth and does not require too much effort to keep it going.

Santa Cruz Classic Dot

Santa Cruz Complete skateboard classic dot

This is the 4th Santa Cruz board in 2 years that I bought, not because they don’t last very long. I just want more boards to test and not a single one has let us (me and my son) down so far.

Santa Cruz was the first official skateboard brand in the world and produces high-quality skateboards for all ages. This skateboard, however, is great for kids from 8 to 14. It’s 7.8 wide and comes with 52mm quality OJ wheels at 92A (softer wheels offer a smoother ride).

The Bullet trucks can handle abuse and can even handle the weight of adults. They are budget trucks but as always; we tested them and they can handle almost anything.

We tested this board in our local skatepark and on a bike lane. This isn’t the fastest board when riding rougher surfaces but it can deal with tiny objects and cracks.

This is a trick skateboard but also a decent start skateboard that checks all the boxes. The bearings aren’t that great but you’ll notice this less on smoother surfaces like you can find in concrete skateparks.

One of the better boards on this list and they come in various sizes and graphics but the hardware is always the same. Just make sure you pick one with OJ wheels!

  • Great all around skateboard
  • Quality wheels that aren’t too soft or too hard
  • Rides well on rougher streets and skateparks
  • Works for kids aged 8 to 14
  • Small pebbles won’t block the wheels, making it a safe ride
  • Quality brand with decent components
  • Deck is made of birch

Santa Cruz Classic Dot Details


santa cruz kids skateboard side view

Santa Cruz unfortunately gets their decks from China these days and are made of birch. that doesn’t mean the boards (or decks) are bad. Not at all! This board is both great for kids who just want to ride, and kids who would want to learn tricks. Very stable and durable deck with a mellow concave (the curvature across the deck’s surface) that can handle lots of ollies and kickflips.

These decks are single pressed, this means you don’t get a warped board because pressing 12 decks at a time causes deformations and warping. They are less poppy compared to a 7-ply maple deck


santa cruz child skateboard trucks

The trucks are slightly smaller than the deck, the wheels don’t stick out so no worries about feet hitting the wheels when pushing forward. Bullet trucks are fine for beginners and kids, they are comfortable when turning, don’t make these squeaky noises, and help your kid correct any minor mistake when riding.

Santa Cruz makes sure they offer the best bang for your buck, the trucks are inspected during production and so far I never had any Bullet trucks fail me on arrival.



Santa Cruz kids skateboard OJ wheels close up

The OJ slimeball wheels are great for skating streets and skate parks and the hardness is around 97a. This makes the wheels grippy and less noisy, but this also depends on the surface you ride. The diameter is 53mm which is exactly right for a skateboard this size. No risk of the deck coming into contact with the wheels on sharp turns.


The bearings aren’t super fast and require kids to push harder on rougher asphalt. When riding in skateparks they perform much better. You can make them a bit faster by using silicon lube.

Powell Peralta Golden Dragon

Powell peralta golden dragon skateboard for kids

I expected the Golden Dragon to be underwhelming. You often see this board promoted, so I bought one and tested it. To my surprise, it’s actually a pretty decent skateboard. The trucks carve well and wheels are pretty forgiving and it feels like a solid skateboard overall.

This board is 7.6″ wide and suitable for kids aged 7 to 12. It can even deal with impacts without falling apart.

The board turns well and the bushings aren’t too soft but depending on your kid’s weight you might want to tweak them a little.

You get decent wheels, sturdy trucks, mediocre bearings, and a reasonable deck. This is a great quality board that will last for a couple of years.

  • Heavy but sturdy 7-ply maple deck
  • Trucks hold up fine even after testing them to the extreme
  • Reasonably soft wheels that work well in parks and concrete, less on rougher surfaces
  • The bearings aren’t great, use some silicon lube to improve their performance
  • Great for kids under the age of 12 that want to learn tricks or just learn to ride
  • Might feel too loose straight out of the box so tweak the trucks

Powel Peralta Golden Dragon Details

My kid really loves this board, mainly because of the graphic. ‘Wow dad, there’s a dragon on this board’, was the first thing he said and he immediately wanted to try it out.

It’s one of the smaller boards in this list, at 7.625″ wide the deck is suitable for kids under 12 years old. The shape and concave are suitable for both riding and tricks. It’s a budget skateboard, and the pop is rather mediocre but this isn’t an issue for kids who want to explore skateboarding.

If you like to take your kids to your local skatepark, or have a reasonable smooth pavement outside, this is an excellent choice. It’s a decent board that will last for a long time but it’s rather heavy.


Powell Peralta Golden Dragon trucks and wheels

Reliable mini logo trucks that are fine for kids. One thing that makes this board stand out from the others are they way they carve. We didn’t notice and deformations when doing tricks meaning the bushings are hard enough and don’t require much tweaking.

My son was able to ride and correct his riding direction when needed, still one of his favorite boards even though we have many pro skateboards lying around.


The wheels are grippy and stable; they are softer compared to professional skateboard wheels which is a good thing. We tested the wheels on asphalt, steel, concrete, and wood and they hold up fine.

Sure, if your kid is a really skilled skateboarder, the wheels won’t suffice. For example, a trick like a powerslide will cause tiny flat spots on the surface of the contact patch (the part of the wheel that comes into contact with the riding surface). But if you worry about that, you better get the kid a professional custom setup.


Standard bearings that work fine, not too fast and not too slow. No weird sounds or wheels blocking because of faulty bearings. I advice to use some silicon lube to increase their performance, just a tiny drop will make a difference. When riding on rougher surfaces (like in the video) it requires more effort to get some speed, still manageable though.

Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoy kids skateboard

If there is one brand that offers awesome skateboards for kids, it’s Enjoi. This particular board might not be available when you read this because the graphics change often.

This one is great for kids between 5 and 11.

My son it used to wider boards so he had trouble getting used to its small size but at 7.75″ kid will be able to ride them for years..

  • Smallest board on this list, not for kids over 8-years-old.
  • Trucks turn well but you might want to tighten them a bit
  • Great wheels, can deal well with pebbles and cracks
  • Mediocre bearings, use silicon lube to improve performance

Enjoi Skateboard Details

This the smallest skateboard on this list, and very lightweight.  It’s 7.25 wide which is great for younger kids. The benefit of a smaller board is that kids are less likely to hit the rear wheels with their feet when pushing the board forward.

The concave is very low which means its easier to maintain balance but harder to do advanced tricks. Most kids at this age just like to ride a little or even sit on the board, so that’s perfectly fine.


Enjoi 92a/51mm wheels which means your kid won’t have issue when encountering gravel, pebbles or small cracks. Even though the wheels are small, they handle rougher surfaces pretty well. This will help your kid to balance on this board without falling as often.


It comes with standard Tensor trucks and from our experience they are reliable and strong. They won’t fall apart after a few weeks and will last for years. I had a couple of locals test these trucks and they weren’t able to break them even after jumping a 7-stairs.

Another big plus are the soft 92A bushings that are perfect for kids. These are the plastic cone-barrel shaped parts that help the trucks (and your kid) turn. Very easy to adjust and correct the direction of the board.

I advise to tweak the trucks a bit, depending on your kids preference you might want to tighten the kingpin nut. Because the bushings are soft, they might feel to.


Nothing special, they spin but that’s all. Use a bit of silicon lube to make them spin faster, it will make the ride more comfy. Easy to replace by the way.

What To Look for When buying a Kids Skateboard

There are many unsafe skateboards out there and if you don’t know anything about skateboards you, end with an inferior product. Consider the following:

  1. Protective gear and shoes
  2. Terrain where to board is going to be used.
  3. Proper size skateboard for children.
  4. Get familiar with the parts of a skateboard
  5. Cool graphics are highly motivating.
  6. Type of skateboard: popsicle or cruiser?
  7. Custom and standard skateboard.
  8. Quality and brand.
Loader image

While a kid can learn to ride on an adult sized skateboard, a smaller size popsicle skateboard is recommended. The proper size depends on their height. Note that it’s about the width, not the length of a skateboard. The length of a skateboard is adjusted to the width. Here’s a kids skateboard size table as a general guideline:

Age Kid height Skateboard width
5 or under 3’4 or under 6.5″ to 7.0″
6 to 8 3’5 to 4’4 7.0″ to 8.0″
9-12 4’5 to 5’2 7.5″ to 8.0″
13 and over 5’3 or over 8.0″ and wider

There are 2 types of skateboards you can pick for a child, some are meant for tricks and some for cruising. We only recommend popsicles and cruisers for kids, and advice against longboards for kids under 13.

The classic popsicle: The name comes from its resemblance to a popsicle stick, with a symmetrical shape where both the nose (front) and tail (back) are rounded, and the middle section is largely straight. Popsicle skateboards are great for skate parks en learning tricks. They have smaller and harder wheels which makes them less suitable for riding on rougher surfaces.

Cruiser Skateboards: Cruiser skateboards are great for learning how to ride and have a directional shape. They consist of big soft wheels which don’t get blocked by cracks or pebbles making it a safe choice. The downside is that they aren’t meant for tricks and skate parks. It’s a bit of a mix between a classic skateboard and a longboard.

Longboards: A longboard is longer than a typical skateboard or cruiser. Longboards are bulky and heavy and not great for kids. Longboards reach higher consistent speeds than cruisers and skateboards.


The first to consider is protective gear, get a helmet and a set of decent knee and elbow pads. Not only does it help to keep kids unharmed when they fall, it also is a big motivator and makes it all less scary. A kid will not enjoy skateboarding if they hurt themselves, at least most kids.

skateboard helmet, shoes, and protective gear

Often overlooked but very important are skate shoes. The shoes need to have a flat outsole (like Vans) to provide grip and stability. Snickers with thick outsoles make it very hard to control a skateboard. So at least get a helmet and skate shoes (often on sale).

All things considered, this seems like a huge investment. If you compare it to other sports, it’s not that bad. You can save a lot buying stuff on sale!

Smaller harder wheels are suitable for tricks where softer and larger wheels offer a stable ride.

Riding on rough terrain requires different wheels than riding on smooth concrete. Think about where the skateboard is going to be used and what the main purpose is. Just keep in mind that softer wheels make less noise, and roll smoothly over small pebbles and cracks.

Consider a popsicle skateboard with slightly softer wheels for outdoor skateboarding on surfaces like asphalt, sidewalks, or front yard (brick) pavements.

For skate parks (usually concrete) a popsicle with harder wheels work well. Consider a cruiser if a kid just wants to learn to ride.

Here’s a very simplified overview of wheel hardness and their purpose.

Wheel Hardness Purpose
80A to 90A Learning to ride & cruising on rough surfaces
90A to 95A for Learning to ride, less issues with pebbles
96A to 101A Great for concrete and skate parks

Graphics are important. Not related to how a board performs but to get a kid stoked (as skateboarders often say). A nice graphic speaks to a child and motivates to go out there and skate. Skateboarding is a great way to make friends and a good exercise, so any positive encouragement is a plus.


As a skateboarder that bought many cheaper skateboards, I strongly advice against unknown brands you often see on Amazon. If a skateboard is under $50 USD, it’s very likely a low quality skateboard. Brands links SkateXS, Enjoi, Santa Cruz, and Powell Peralta are a safe choice. boards and what to avoid.

Most people pick a complete or per-assembled skateboard. They are cheaper than a custom skateboard but have flaws. If you buy a complete from a reputable brand, you’re usually safe. Amazon offers many low quality completes which are cheap but don’t ride well and break easily.

A complete skateboard costs between 70 and 100 bucks, a custom starts around $130 and requires you to do extensive research picking the right parts.

adjusting skateboard trucks turning ability

Keep in mind that you often have to adjust a new skateboard if it turns too fast or too slow. All it requires is too loosen the trucks or tighten them a bit. This is a very common issue.


Skateboard Parts Explained

skateboard parts explained
  • Deck: The flat, typically wooden board that you stand on.
  • Trucks: Metal components that attach to the deck and hold the wheels.
  • Wheels: The round, often polyurethane components that enable movement.
  • Bearings: Small, circular devices inside the wheels for smooth rolling.
  • Grip Tape: A gritty surface on top of the deck for traction.
  • Hardware: Nuts and bolts used to assemble the skateboard.
  • Bushings: Rubber or urethane parts in the trucks for turning control.
  • Riser Pads: Optional cushioning between the deck and trucks for added height.
  • Nose and Tail: The front and rear ends of the deck, which may vary in shape.
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