A Simple Breakdown of the Cost of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not cheap, because buying a skateboard is just the beginning. The additional costs are often overlooked and it can add up depending on the style you prefer. Shoes and decks often need to be replaced which can become expensive.

  • A decent skateboard costs between $70 USD and $300 USD
  • Optional gear such as helmets, shoes, and pads cost between $80 USD and $160 USD
  • Monthly costs vary depending on how often you skate. Frequent skaters spend between $35 USD and $65 USD a month.

Skateboard partsOne time Cost
Skateboard deck$35 to $65
Skateboard Wheels$15 to $50
Skateboard trucks$20 to $80
Bearings$10 to $80
Spacers and hardware$5
grip tape$6 to $20
Total$91 to $302
Cost of skateboard parts

Buying cheap stuff means you have to replace parts sooner, premium wheels can last for your but cheap wheels flat spot easily. The same goes for trucks, cheap trucks wear out way faster than premium trucks.

It’s all about investing in the right parts within your budget, if you don’t have much to spend buying a used skateboard is a good option.

To be fair, any hobby or sport will cost you. Running, for example, seems cheap but clothing and shoes add up.

And just like skateboarding, you need to replace gear frequently. Cheap or expensive, is just how you look at it. Here’s a breakdown of the total costs when assembling your own skateboard:

Now let’s look at additional one time costs like protective gear:

Optional gearCosts
Skate tool$6 to $30
Helmet$30 to $50
Knee pads$40 to $80
Total$76 to $160
Cost of additional skateboard gear

Lastly, let’s check the average monthly costs of shoes, pants, skate park fees, etc. This is a ballpark estimate because replacing parts and buying replacement gear depends on how often you skate.

Some skaters have to replace their shoes every two months, others replace their skateboard deck every 6 weeks. This table is far from accurate but gives you an idea what to expect.

GearAverage montly costs
Pants$10 to $15
Shoes$15 to $30
Skate park fees$10 (optional)
Replacing parts (decks, wheels, bearings, etc)$10
Total$35 to $65
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I love skateboarding but my age is catching up. I decided to use my experience to skate less and write more. 20 years of skateboarding allows me to offer original and unique insights for many styles of skateboarding.