Great Vulcanized Shoes For Skateboarding

Most would agree that technical skateboarding requires flexible shoes that offer lots of board feel. The best shoes for that are vulcanized skate shoes because make you feel more connected to your skateboard.

We selected a few shoes that offer great responsiveness, offer consistent flicks, and have improved durability near the high-contact areas.

Vulcanized Skate Shoes We Recommend

Best Vulcanized Skate Shoes

Obviously there are way more great vulcanized skate shoes, but for now we picked we know what works for every skateboarder that wants a vulcanized shoe.

All the shoes listed offer great boardfeel, control, and flexibility you need to skate with confidence. Let’s look at the best vulcanized skate shoes on the market right now.

1. Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro

Converse cons louie lopez pro vulcanized skate shoe

Fully suede shoes are not the norm these days, but fully they covered Louie Lopez Pro in quality suede. Cons are from the Converse line-up dedicated to skateboarding, and the Lopez is one of their best vulcs on the market.

The CD Foam insoles offer decent impact support for a vulc without sacrificing board feel. The shoes feature an extra layer of rubber behind the suede on the right areas. If you chew through the suede, the rubber will gradually take over, making it a very durable skate shoe.

What makes these shoes stand out from the other Converse skate shoes is the traction rubber outsole. The rubber offers more grip and control without being too sticky. Converse offers a low model and a mid-top model, both are a solid choice for street skating.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Flexible shoe with lots of boardfeel
  • Fully suede shoes, rubber- backed
  • Decent CX Foam insoles
  • Very durable

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Laces rip quickly
  • Narrow at the front
  • Can get warm
  • Thread pattern wears quickly

2. New Balance Numeric 306

New Balance Numeric 306

Looking for a durable, flexible skate shoe that offers lots of control and looks great? Look no further. The New Balance 306 Jamie Foy Pro is about everything you want from a skate shoe. It offers decent impact support (could be better), is lightweight, and really makes you feel connected to your skateboard.

It’s a durable shoe because of the high-quality suede upper and reinforced sides with an extra rubber layer near the flick and ollie areas that further reinforce the shoe.

The shoe has a basic foam insole for cushioning, which provides a good balance between cushioning and boardfeel. The shoe has a classic shape with a well-rounded toe box and offers a good fit for wider feet.

The shoes feel secure and stable, with additional padding around the ankle area. The cushioning could be improved, and the grip is not as effective as some other shoes.

Overall, the New Balance Numeric 306 is a great option for those looking for a durable, stable, and comfortable vulcanized shoe with good boardfeel.

They place the mesh areas in the parts of the shoe which offer great ventilation. The strategic placement keeps it from being exposed to grip contact and won’t affect your skateboarding.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Feels secure in the heel area
  • Excellent breathability
  • Durable, last for a long time breathability
  • Excellent boardfeel

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Very basic insole
  • Impact protection can be improved
  • Grip could be better

3. Nike SB Shane Skate Shoes

Nike SB Shane skate shoes

The Nike SB Shane is a durable, true-to-size skateboard shoe that comes with a one-piece toe cap with seamless suede construction.. Its shape features a long, slimmer toe box and double-layered vulcanized construction. The design shields the laces well.

The cushioning is fair, with a slightly thicker foam insole and a Nike Zoom Air pocket in the heel of the insole. Its boardfeel and grip are the highlights of the shoe, with a thin vulcanized construction and deep groove sole pattern that offers great boardfeel, responsiveness, and flexibility.

The shoe’s only weaknesses are the heel collar and top lateral part of the mesh tongue, which wears rather quickly. The SB Shane offers a snug fit for those with regular feet but the narrow front isn’t for everyone.

Nike SB Shane wear

This shoe is designed for technical skaters and isn’t the most comfortable for high impact skateboarding. They offer superior boardfeel and are a great choice for skateboarders that love rotational tricks and complex slides/grinds. After roughly 50 hours, the shoe will start to lose its shape but they hold up between 60 and 70 hours on average.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Boardfeel is unmatched
  • Flexible and responsive shoe
  • Quality suede holds up well

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Impact protection could be improved
  • Narrow at the front

4. Lakai Griffin (Suede)

Lakai Griffin Skate Shoe

The Lakai Griffin is known for its versatility and durability for over a decade. This vulcanized skate shoe is perfect for skateboarding as it is flexible, breathable, reasonably shock-absorbent, and durable. The upper of the shoe is supportive and doesn’t feel heavy around the ankle.

This gives the Griffin a good base and enough freedom of movement when performing tricks. The design of the shoe is simple yet effective. It features a thin insole that is glued to the midsole and has straps on each side of the tongue to keep it in place.

The midsole has an orthotic feel with a crate in the heel region, which elevates the foot and offers extra arch support. The vulcanized sole is flexible and sturdy, and the outsole features the Lakai herringbone tread, which is also very flexible, grippy and of outstanding quality.

The Lakai Griffin is an affordable and durable shoe that has proven itself. The Griffin fits true to size and offers lots of boardfeel, very flexible, and are lightweight.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lakai is one of the best skate shoe brands around.
  • Very flexible shoes
  • Great boardfeel
  • Keeps a consistent flick
  • Affordable & reasonably durable

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Not great for high impacts

5. Nike SB BRSB

Nike SB BRSB Skate Shoe

Inspired by the Nike Cortez and revamped for skateboarding, the Nike SB BRSB has lots of similarities to its cousin. One of the most notable features is the sawtooth sole pattern and the classic Air compartment which makes this shoe one of the most impact resistant Nike shoes.

It’s not a vulc but also not a cup. It sits right in between offering the flexibility of a vulcanized skate shoe and the support of a cupsole. The front is very flexible where the heel area is a bit stiffer with added cushioning. The shoe has a vulcanized cupsole construction and two layers of suede to increase durability near the flick and ollie sides.

Its shape is narrow and pointy, with a slim cut, and it offers good stability. The shoe is lightweight and has a well-crafted inner shoe area with locked-in tongue straps, but can get hot because of the lack of breathability.

The BRSB features React cushioning technology and has good boardfeel and cushioning abilities. Overall, impressive performance and board feel. Great impact protection near the heel area, but the grip could be better.

This is an extremely comfortable shoe, mainly because of the cushioned insole near the heel area. It is great for high-impact skateboarding, but you might feel disconnected from your board if you are a technical flat ground skateboarder doing specific tricks.

They break in pretty fast. After a few hours, they fully come to life, but the heel area’s board feel doesn’t improve much after the initial break-in period.

As for the materials, the shoe comprises suede and canvas. The Suede is placed on the flick areas where the canvas allows for some fresh air. The laces are a bit more exposed and rip quite fast. Better bring an extra pair just in case. How durable they are remains to be seen. I will update this post once we know more.

The BRSB fit true to size, though they can feel a bit cramped near the toe box like most Nike SB shoes.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Offers great impact protection
  • Comfortable shoe for regular shaped feet

Reasons to Avoid:

  • Laces rip quickly
  • Narrow at the front
  • Can get hot
  • Less board feel near the heel area

Wrapping Up

These are just a few of the best vulc skate shoes you can get. Remember that a shoe has to fit properly in order to work for you. Not all feet are the same and not everyone like the same skate shoe. Best thing to do is to go to you local (skate) shop and make sure the shoe you have in mind actually fits.

If a shoe is too wide or too tight it can be a very frustrating experience. Most skaters stick with a shoe they religiously because changes in shoes (and skateboard gear in general) just takes too long to get sued to. Next up, the best cupsole skate shoes!

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