éS Silo Test Ride – A Comfy Shoe That Lacks Board Feel

The éS Silo is a retro-styled skate shoe that has been updated with modern features. The updated eS Silo returns with the previous outsole, but with a de-puffed upper to allow for more technical skating.

It will require a long time to break them in, and at first you will struggle with the lack of board feel.

In short:

  • Initially feel awkward, but become more flexible over time.
  • Unfortunately, they start to wear after reaching the desired flexibility
  • Great for high impact but lack immediate board feel
  • Recommended for those prioritizing impact resistance over immediate board feel
  • Not visually appealing, especially compared to Vulc shoes
Es silo skateboard shoes

Why I bougth them and how they Skate

I’ve been suffering from a heel bruise since I was 16 and it comes back every four years. These shoes really offer the support I need, but dang, it takes a long time to break in the shoes. They feel really awkward at first but in time they will become more flexible. Unfortunately, that’s the point where they wear.

Great shoes for high impact but less so for those who are looking for board feel from the start, it really takes about 20 hours to break them in. Once you do, you get used to them, but I still feel a bit uncomfortable riding these shoes. It’s a tradeoff, and I’m honestly glad for the much needed support they offer.

This is a great shoe for those who don’t need a lot of board feel but want something that can deal with impacts. They don’t look great but compared to a Vulc, they really offer the support I need currently.


One of the most comfortable skate shoes on this list with lots of arc support. They feel very comfortable around the heel and ankle area and are great for those who really need lots of support. Great for transition skaters that also like to hit the street once every while.


It takes quite some time to break them in and can feel a bit frustrating to ride at first. This will go away, don’t worry. The fish grate pattern is very sticky but also attracts mud. Really hard to get rid of the dirt.

The focus is on comfort, not durability or board feel. If you do lots of flip tricks, this is a deal breaker.

Board feel and grip

Even though the eS Silo is a bulkier than average skate shoe, they still offer average board feel and control. This isn’t a shoe for technical skaters, but are great for the average bowl skater.

The soles are flexible enough (once you break them in) and the tread patterns provide lots of grip. Less board feel compared to a vulc shoe, but great for those who need more support.

es silo skate shoe

Shoe Shape

They look bulky but less so than the classic 2000 model. It’s more slimmed-down version with a rounded toe box and an elevated midsole. It has ample arch support and feels comfortable in the heel and ankle area.


These shoes have a chunky style and not everyone is a fan.  For those that dig the old school style shoes, the eS Silo is a splendid choice.


The STI Energy foam is very noticeable and feels very comfortable. I bought them for the extra support needed because of a heel bruise and compared to other shoes; they offer the most support of any shoe I tried so far.

The insole isn’t impressive compared to the competition, but the rest of the sole will take care of that. Probably a good thing though, you don’t want super thick insoles when the rest of the sole takes care of impacts. This is one of the most comfortable shoes you can wear.

The soles hold up though, and that is what you probably need when looking for a skate shoe that can deal with impacts.

Fit and sizing

The eS are true to size that they fit like a glove, making you feel that they hug your feet.  They may be puffy but they are quite lightweight, so they are comfy to skate in. This is also a great shoe for those with wider feet.


The eS Silo shoe is one of the better choices when you need lots of support but it lacks board feel. This is really the biggest dealbreaker, they feel awkward. It takes time to break them in and they aren’t very durable, but for those who need maximum support it is a shoe to consider.

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