Awesome Shoes for Street Skateboarding

Typically street skateboard shoes need to be flexible and offer a lot of board feel. You want a pointy nose for more flick control and a shoe that doesn’t require a lot of time to break in. We selected a couple of shoes that are great for street skateboarding and make you feel connected to your skateboard deck.

  1. Adidas Tyshawn
  2. Vans Old School Pro Classic
  3. Lakai Griffin (Suede version)
  4. Etnies Veer
  5. Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski
  6. New Balance Numeric 306
  7. Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro

Street Skate Shoes That Just Work

Everyone has their personal preference and I’m sure this list could be endless. This list is a mix of cupsoles and vulcanized skate shoes for all types of street skateboarders (or park, whatever).

Some offer more support for high impact skateboarding and others are great for highly technical tricks. Breaking in time varies a lot, the best you can do is to wear them for a couple of weeks first before you start thrashing suede. Anyhow, here are the best shoes for street skateboarding (well, a few of them at least).

1. Adidas Tyshawn

Adidas Tyshawn

The Adidas Tyshawn skate shoe is designed to provide a snug and stable fit though only for those with regular feet. This model features the Boost technology in the heel area only, to keep the front of the shoe lower and preserve board feel.

The sole is made of an flexible and durable material, providing excellent grip and durability. The shape of the shoe is low profile in the front and more supportive in the back, with a well-shaped toe for comfortable flip tricks. The heel area feels secure and stiff, where the front offer lots of flex.

The suede upper is of high quality and the outsole is extremely durable, ensuring long-lasting wear for skaters. This skate shoe still works after 150 hours of skateboarding. The suede won’t rip but eventually the shoe looses its shape.

This shoe is suitable for skaters who enjoy high impact skateboarding like big gaps, stair sets, ledges, banks, etc.

This is one of the most (if not the most) durable skate shoes and very flexible for a cupsole skate shoe. It does require some time to break in and feels stiffer compared to a vulcanized shoe. If you want a durable shoe that offer great board feel, this is the one to get. You might want to size up, half a size bigger is advised

Reasons to Buy

  • The most durable Skate shoe
  • Feel very comfortable and can deal with hard impacts
  • Consistent flick, takes a long time before this shoe loses its shape.

Reasons to avoid

  • Slight more expensive
  • If you have wider feet they feel cramped
  • Not true to size

2. Vans Pro Classic

van pro classic

Vans, a skateboarding brand, has released a new line of Skate Classics that maintain the iconic style of the brand while incorporating improved structural elements and durability. The shoes are designed to be true to size, with the

The uppers of the shoes feature suede and have a rubber reinforcement layer (DURACAP) to increase durability, while the soles are constructed with a higher foxing tape to protect the uppers from wear and tear. The shoes also have an improved POPCUSH foam insole for cushioning and a slim silhouette for comfort and stability.

The traditional Vans outsole thread pattern provides excellent grip and boardfeel, and the sole has a deeper tread pattern for longevity. The shoe feels very comfortable and stability, boosting you confidence. It comes with a locked-in tongue strap that minimizes the space for the foot to slip around, and an internal heel stiffening element to maintain stability.

The Vans Classics are a great choice for skateboarders who want a classic and iconic style combined with modern skateboarding capabilities. Vans are great skate shoes but make sure to buy the right model.

Reasons to Buy

  • Very flexible shoe offering outstanding boardfeel.
  • Iconic look, Vans shoe always look great
  • Comfortable fit and great cushioning offering lots of impact protection

Reasons to avoid

  • The pro models are rather expensive
  • Could be more durable
  • Not for high impact skateboarding

3. Lakai Griffin (Suede)

Lakai Griffin Skate Shoe

The Lakai Griffin is know for its versatility and durability for over a decade. This vulcanized skate shoe is perfect for skateboarding as it is flexible, breathable, reasonably shock-absorbent, and durable. The upper of the shoe is supportive and doesn’t feel heavy around the ankle.

This gives the Griffin a good base and enough freedom of movement when performing tricks. The design of the shoe is simple yet effective. It features a thin insole that is glued to the midsole and has straps on each side of the tongue to keep it in place.

The midsole is designed to have an orthotic feel with a crate in the heel region, which elevates the foot and offers extra arch support. The vulcanized sole is flexible and sturdy, and the outsole features the Lakai herringbone tread, which is also very flexible, grippy and of great quality.

The Lakai Griffin is an affordable and durable shoe that has proven itself. The Griffin fits true to size and offers lots of boardfeel, very flexible, and are lightweight.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lakai is one of the best skate shoe brands around.
  • Very flexible shoes that excels at technical skateboarding and keeps a consistent flick
  • Minimalist shoe design, affordable and reasonably durable

Reasons to avoid

  • Less suitable for high impact skateboarding.

4. Etnies Veer

The etnies Veer is a skate shoe that features a durable Michelin performance rubber outsole. The sole is designed with a multi-directional tread pattern and more flex around the front. Even though Michelin outsoles can feel stiff, the Veers are surprisingly flexible and provide great boardfeel and stability.

The insole is a foamed plastic footbed that works with the EVA midsole, in combination they offer extra cushioning and impact absorption. The foam insole offers enough cushioning for street spots and skate parks.

The toe and heelcap have two layers of suede for durability which is a huge plus. The Etnies Veer offer extra ventilation through the perforated sidewalls.

Etnies Veer

The Etnies Veer feel comfortable, lightweight and offers a regular fit. The Michelin sole provides excellent grip and offers comfort when landing primo.

In terms of durability, the Etnies Veer has proven to be a durable shoe with minimal wear and tear after 5 skate sessions. The Ollie area and toebox are covered by double-stitched suede leather, and the sole is still very stable and becomes more flexible over time.

Overall, the Etnies Veer is a very durable skate shoe that offers lots of flexibility and excellent choice for street skateboarding. It is an excellent choice for any type of skater looking for a comfortable, lightweight, and durable skate shoe.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable, flexible, durable, and great boardfeel.
  • Consistent flick and great impact protection.
  • A very nice looking shoe, great in both form and function.

Reasons to avoid

  • Less flexible compared to vulcanized shoes.

5. Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

The Nike SB Zoom Janoski skate shoes are known for offering lots of boardfeel and a good choice for highly technical skatrers. The shape allows for a lot of control and the suede offers a consistent flick. The Janosko’s have a similar shape like the original but is a bit more durable.

The Zoom Air unit doesn’t do much when dealing with impacts from big features but enough for less impactful skateboarding. The heel offers some support, but the front lacks support in favor of flexibility.

The tight toe box is compensated by rounded shapes that expand and contract in all directions for a comfortable fit. The shoes have a good fit and are comfortable enough for a vulc.

The boardfeel and grip are outstanding, the suede is of excellent quality and holds up for a long time. Not thatr the suede lasts longer than the shoe holds its shape. After about 60 or 70 hours of skateboarding you will need to replace the skate shoes depending if you do a lot of flick tricks or not.

The durability of the shoes is great, 15-20 hours of skating and some wear starts to show. Not bad.

Reasons to Buy

  • Janoski’s are great for technical skateboarders offering flex and boardfeel
  • Offers a consistent flick
  • Very similar to the Shane

Reasons to avoid

  • Not the most durable shoes, 60-70 hours tops
  • It’s an expensive shoe
  • Rather narrow and tight fit

6. New Balance Numeric 306

New Balance Numeric 306

The New Balance Numeric 306 is a classic, vulcanized skate shoe that offers excellent durability, stability, and boardfeel. The high-quality suede upper used in the construction of the shoe is incredibly durable and has almost no visible signs after skating them for 15 hours.

The reinforcement band on the lateral side of the shoe also provides additional protection and helps to prevent any tearing of the suede material. The well-rounded toe box provides a comfortable fit, while the padding in the heel area ensures a secure and snug fit around the ankle.

The classic vulcanized sole construction features a thin outsole with a big lateral outsole, and a foam insole. The insole is thicker in the heel area to provide a softer feel for the foot, but thins out in the toe area to maximize boardfeel.

New Balance numeric 306 wear

The vulcanized construction of the New Balance Numeric 306 offers great stability, thanks to the inner and outer heel counter, reinforced sidewalls, and 3 layers of material in the toe area.

The shoe feels secure and stable, and the high-cut design around the ankle offers additional support. Although the cushioning of the shoe is average, the vulcanized construction provides a great sense of stability.

The grip of the shoe is decent and the vulcanized sole adapts to the grip tape over time. Overall, the New Balance Numeric 306 is a solid choice for skaters who value durability, stability, and boardfeel.

Reasons to Buy

  • Best looking skate shoe that performs extremely well
  • lots of boardfeel, and a consistent flick.
  • Confidence booster

Reasons to avoid

  • Less suitable for high impact skateboarding.
  • Ventilation isn’t great and the grip could be better.

7. Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro

Converse Cons Louie Lopez Pro

The Converse Cons Louie Lopez Pro is a skate shoe that has been very well received. The shoe features a narrow, pointy shape which offers great flick control. The suede material is grippy, durable, and offers a consistent flick.

They break in fairly fast and it doesn’t take long for the shoe to become more flexible.

converse louis lopez pro

The suede is durable and only after about 30 hours you can finally see some wear near the front. The shoe holds up for a long time, it takes about 80 hours before you start to see tears.

The Converse Cons Louie Lopez Pro is a high-quality and durable skate shoe with great cushioning, boardfeel, and grip. The variety of styles available, including suede, canvas, and smooth leather, though we recommend the suede version.

The only drawback is the tight fit, which may cause discomfort for those with wider feet. It is recommended to go half a size up.

Reasons to Buy

  • High quality and durable skate shoe
  • Pointy shape offers great flick control

Reasons to avoid

  • Tongue doesn’t always stay in place
  • Narrow fit but true to size

Wrapping up

There are tons of shoes that are great for street skating but at least you have an idea of which shoes and brand to go for. A great skate shoe is just a very personal thing and not everyone likes the same shoes.

Keep in mind that sizing is very important. You don’t want your shoes to be too tight or too loose. The former makes your feet hurt and the flick area will wear faster, where the latter causes your feet to slide too much.

The best thing is to try shoes in a local skate shop if you are new to skate shoes or want to try a different skate shoe brand or model.

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