Remembering Reebok’s Attempt To Conquer Skateboarding With The DGK Workout Lo

In 2005, The DGK was a huge deal in skateboarding due to its attractive graphics and ads in an otherwise safe and secure industry. The purchase intent was never discussed, so there was little else to discuss for 3 days, then nothing for over a month.

Reebok placed reservations in this area, even though it was a clear indication that Nike was making a concerted push to legitimize SB. Despite arguments from both sides of “another external company?” at the time, there was no denying that The DGK (technically The Workout LO DGK, but we’ll just call it the “DGK”) was the best street skate shoe we had ever seen in recent decades.

Skateboarders from all walks of life came in droves to see it firsthand, and many people were angry that the shoe was being re-worked so well. I decided to buy a pair black suede/gum, despite the fact that they were heavily modified versions of the shoe.

The DGK Workout L made some minor adjustments to ensure that it was balanced in all aspects, giving it an Emerica Chris Senn-like feel. The black/gum toecap was thick enough to protect your feet, yet thin enough to feel your board.

The toe area was flexible enough to allow for a comfortable fit. The upper, including the stitched lace straps and toecap, was simple but complex, so clean and skewed like a dream. Four people gave them a try, all wearing a size 9.5. They were amazed that I skated while they ran to the shop to get their pair.

The Reebok DGK shoes are still a favourite skateable purchase and, visually, a one-of-a kind. Stevie Williams and the crew displayed the shoe on The Kayo Corp.’s “It’s Official”, leaving it as the strongest video evidence that the shoe was ever a skateboard shoe.

Reebok is believed to have approached Stevie Williams to help them launch a long-running skate program, and it is difficult to not wonder what would have happened if the program was continued. Could Reebok have been as deeply embedded in the skateboarding community as Adidas Skateboarding, Nike SB, or both? Who would they have brought to their team?

Would they have created a skate version for other models? This was one moment that skateboarding made it so much more enjoyable.

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