Vintage Sponsor, A Sponsor Like None Other

Vintage Sponsor is truly a unique sponsor. Their unique program is nothing like any other. They go out and find the most beautiful vintage clothes in the most unlikely places. Then they buy them and give them to their riders and friends.

Matt Roberge created Vintage Sponsor’s IG as their primary selling platform for all of their goods in October 2015. You can find everything you need, including t-shirts and track pants. Matt has a variety of clothes from Tommy Hilfiger to Nautica to Polo. His clothing collection includes everything from high-end clothes to the old skate tees you wish you never grew out.

Everyone was curious after John Shanahan’s first video part for DGK. Matt is to blame for the growing demand for this iconic 90’s-early2000’s look. We managed to get Matt out of his regular schedule of filming East Coast talent, and going to garage sales.

What is Vintage sponsor? It’s basically an Instagram that allows you to sell vintage skateboard, snow, and designer clothes. It’s shopping for my friends as well as giving clothes I like to them.

Why sell on IG Do you find it easier? Do you find it easier to just wait for the highest bidding?
I sold shit online, which is great for some collectible clothing. While I can sell a random band teeshirt from the 90s for $217 it doesn’t make sense for cool and affordable stuff. eBay has many rules. They treat sellers like shit. And they charge high fees. I’ve been listing things on IG, but I’ll still use eBay for the more expensive items.

It seems crazy to believe that you love shopping for other people. How is that possible? Is it because you are known for your style or have others? Or are you just a person who enjoys sharing the wealth?
In 8th grade I used to wear the same clothes quite a bit and girls would be envious. I wore the CKY hoodie black with white letters almost every day. I was the only skater child who didn’t fit into the Aeropostale or American Eagle clothes. My mom was not willing to pay retail for clothes. So I had to wait until the CCS sale page. Growing up with this, I could never afford to purchase retail clothes but wanted to have a wide range of clothes. Dave Waltzer is a great stylist and I was inspired to start collecting clothes and wear all types of shit. I have gone through many phases, but I am still considered to be stylish. My peers probably scoffed at me. However, I was in the middle of snowboarding at the time and I couldn’t fit in with RRL jeans and an old Polo hoodie.

Then it was buying clothes for other people. I started by buying clothes to wear for girls and then moved on to seeing clothing that is so perfect for that person that you just can’t resist buying it. I like to make people happy. I just want my friends to shine.

What made you want to start giving and buying clothes to your friends?
Clothes don’t look as good today as they did in the past. Also, it is annoying to see the same fucking top on multiple people. Many of these clones wear the same clothes, to the point they could as well be wearing uniforms. Since I was a teenager, thrifting has been something I did for a long time. However, I would only ever see clothes that I felt would look good on someone who was skateboarding or skiing with me. I’d also find old tshirts that were sponsored or owned by brands I knew, like Volcom. These shirts were way cooler. It is now a unique piece.

I know how it feels to not want to see the same thing on everyone. Growing up, my click of friends and me would peruse CCS’ and talk about what shoes we would choose to wear. It was about individuality. You would say that this was the key stake of your cause.
100% yes. Torey Bestall is a significant influence on that. I was struck by his style in Rich Mahogany, then on Quartersnacks. His random outfits made me believe you can wear what you want. He also had amazing style, and is now the TM for Palace.

Which pieces do you prefer when shopping for clothes,
Polo is my favorite, so that’s why I love it. I also love Tommy Hilfiger for making money. ASAP Ferg has been giving the boxers to the kids for years. I enjoy finding the old skate clothing so much. It’s hard to find them. And when you do, it’s usually a medium or very fucked-up. I do have a rather large collection of tee shirts at the moment. There are music shirts and other random stuff that I know I’ll never again see. eBay has some amazing items too, but this is a lengthy game that you have to play.

Can you elaborate on why Tommy Hilfiger’s popularity is back? There was a controversy back then about Tommy Hilfiger not wanting certain ethnicities to wear his clothing strong>
I was told by someone that he served food to him that he “didn’t want any one who wasn’t black handling his food or taking the plates.” I have no idea if this is true, but I believe he said something like “I don’t make clothes for the street” or something like that in the 1990’s. FUBU, an amazing brand, was the result. I don’t care if he is dressed in a cut, but his clothes look great and people love the logos. Tommy was a popular style in the 90s. Rappers wore it. Tommy can be worn in streetwear fashion, but Polo makes it more. You wouldn’t see Drake wearing Polo 90’s gear, ya know? I back Ralph all day.

It is amazing how influential fashion has become these days. Have you ever got some because you connected a chick to a certain brand. Bitches love LV, Gucci, etc…
Nah, I don’t get along with basic butches. Stay away from the Michael Kors-wearing girls, I’m telling ya.

What are your typical places to look for products?
While thrift shops are the main source of income, garage sales is the most valuable. My mom was a garage sale enthusiast. I was raised by her on Fridays and Saturdays. She is so addicted that I’ll drive with her to the garage every weekend. The best thing about garage sales is that if they hit a good one, it’s always cheap. A person selling clothes will often be selling many of the same shit, which means you can get a lot for less than 5 dollars. However, yard sales reduce weekend filming time.

Garage sales are the best. Also, you can film the side. How did you get involved in that?
Yes. I’ve been doing film since high school. I filmed professional snowboarding over many years. But, after moving to NYC, I started skating full time.

You are currently primarily filming, so is there a VS video or mixtape you can drop in the near-future?
I have lots of ideas for videos and footage that can be used or repurposed. Although I hate staying at home, I continue to put off video work. It has to rain.

The VS squad: Who’s on it?
[Laughs] The team aspect of VS seems a bit silly, but John Shanahan (and Mike Rav) were a key part of its conception. I’ve been sending boxes of support to Scott Stevens and Matt Bothfeld, Nirvana Ortanez and Christian Sparks. Desiree Melancon and Brynn Hayes are also on the snow side. We have Kentaro Powell, Emily Tarnacki (lil nice girl), Mike Heikilla, Georgio Valille, and Mike Heikilla in our skate squad. There are a few people I don’t like to put in those categories and I still buy a lot for. Jayell White (Jordon Emerson), Tim Lyons (Tim Lyons) and Dave Waltzer (Dave Waltzer) are some of my closest friends.

You mentioned that you would send boxes out. How do you manage to afford this? It’s not the most profitable business idea.
You might see me flooding your gram because I’m struggling to make ends meet. I am trying to get rid off these clothes. Some people I have sent shit to want money, but I don’t really want to accept it. While I’ll accept money for shipping, I think the clothes are worth it. I don’t care if it’s my friends or me. I just hope that the clothes sell so I can make more money.

How do you buy?
I tend to see something and decide to buy it if I feel the need. I will instantly think of a way to do it. Other times it’s “yep, that is his” and I’ll get so excited to hand it to them. Sometimes I only see dollar signs. Finding pieces that someone loves is what I enjoy the most.

Certain clothing items are made for specific team riders. The coolest clothes are not for everyone.
I love to have people over. I’ll show them the clothes that I can see them in and let them choose what they want. Sometimes they ask for the items I am trying to sell. I’ll either wait until it isn’t sold before giving it to them or tell them they can pay if it’s their choice. My room is set up in a way that resembles a shop, with lots of rolling racks of shirts and plastic bins full.

Is there a particular item you’re looking for but haven’t found it? Do you accept any requests?
I love getting requests. It is something that I can’t stress enough to my friends about, especially those I don’t see often. I find it difficult to grasp what they are wearing or into so I love receiving requests from anyone. One kid asked me to send him medium track pants via IG.

Concerning one piece, I have an interesting story about this particular shirt. It has been a while since my search for it on ebay. It was under $15 shipped. It’s the Korn “Follow The Leader” Tee. I have searched for it for quite some time. One day I end up in Southern New Hampshire. It’s like a bunch o’ 65 year-old New Englanders, at 10 a.m. I arrive in a Yankees hat and 6’5 with slimmer jeans. My shoes are basketball shoes. I browse through several random shirts before I finally find the fucking corn shirt. With my arm full of clothes, I walk around the shop with 5 other people. I lay my entire wardrobe on top of this rack, then walk up to this mirror 20 feet away to try on clothes. I return 60 seconds later, and it’s gone. I was thinking that it might have fallen to the ground but it’s gone. I looked around and found that the 90-year old attendant picked it up and carried it away. I get to the back and they treat me strangely, making me feel crazy. I’m told “maybe somebody stole them”, and I’m like, “HOW?”. So they pull out about 2 items I had from the back but that’s pretty much it. The Korn shirt, along with five other gems, was gone. I am looking around this fucking spot… The shirt had disappeared, and I felt exactly like Larry David. Asking for help is futile. They just give me dirty looks.

Wait! What’s so special in this Korn shirt for you?
Korn was my favorite shirt when I was about 7th grade. This one shirt is very appealing to me. This shirt would look both funny and serious.

Do you really dress the team, or do they just get random pieces of clothing that they decide on?
I don’t dress them, but I guide them. I also bring them stuff that I really like. Although they may not have considered the story or chosen the right items, they know most of what they’re doing.

A time when you’ve brought your team riders clothes and they have just looked at the you like “Bruh!” ?”
It’s not true. I believe most of them trust me. At the same time, they know my personality so I don’t bring stuff that isn’t theirs. Girbaud Jeans might not be the right choice for everyone. I have seen them give me the “BRUH!” look and I have heard them say “do you fuck this”, but that’s not something I’ve ever bought for them.

Future plans for Vintage sponsor? How do you see Vintage Sponsor moving in the next 5 Years?
Plans: Give up, get this money. Make people happy. Push the limits. 5 Year plan: Don’t die.