Skating In Timbs AKA The Tom Penny Effect

A tale that is more mythical than true – the idea to skate in Timbs even with a flat sole, suede upper and skates seems absurd. Strangely, it is becoming more popular – sometimes even preferred.

These unorthodox shoes have become more popular over the past couple of months. It has been difficult to ignore. We call this the Tom Penny Effect. Even though we know Mackenzie from TWS mythbuster-ed it by confirming that it was Columbia Hiking boots, we’ll still be synchronizing skating in Timberlands for Tom Penny.

Skateboarders can be either disinterested in the available products or are so proficient at skateboarding that they make it more challenging. But tricks are still being performed, and some of them are quite impressive. Although we wouldn’t mind their choice of footwear, we are still impressed by the fact they can do more than a kickflip wearing these large boots. We think this is the most amazing trick we have ever seen in Timbs.

Could this be Timberland’s ploy to get in on the skate footwear market? While we doubt it, many of these models are skate-friendly. Plus, they all come with cupsoles. Timberland pulled an impressive move on the skate shoe market and launched a cupsole slip-on ahead of everyone else. Damn…

Gregory Stewart, better known as @Gregsie is one of TP Effect’s most popular characters. He can be seen often wearing a NBA jersey, or cut off sleeves tee. However, his outfit wouldn’t be complete without his Camo cargo’s and some bulky boots to skate. You can find a wide range of skaters from Australia on his instagram. But you also will see Gregsie at his best. Even more confusing is the fact that he can also skate street on them.

Sam Buxton back smithing a legal rail in some not quite so legitimate skate shoes. Photo by Billy Childress

Sam Buxton, back forging a legit rail with some not so legit skating shoes. Photo by Billy Childress

The US has its Gregsie too, as distant siblings with the same selection of shoes. Sam Buxton is his full name. If you’re familiar with the name, that’s because you have watched his “Down Right Evil” segment from not too far ago. It’s obvious that Buxton is an exceptional skateboarder. He does every trick with ease and comfort. Sam has shared his story with us. It’s been revealed that he’s done some incredible things in Timbs. Although backsmithing rail is admirable, doing so in Timberland boots at a real street spot is truly amazing.

Special thanks to skaters who donned boots in order to do this back in the day. Pepe Martinez (Drake Jones), Kyle James, Brian Wenning, and others who made it possible.