Emerica Herman G6 Review

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Emerica G6 is a shoe that has been promised to consumers since a long time. We were then able to use the 3 piece cupsole to abuse our shoes and have a lot of fun with it. The shoe was skated for 20 hours. 10 being the best, 1 being the worst. Comfort and Cushion: This 3 piece midsole is a great choice for comfort.

Emerica’s high rebound impact material Emerica is used in the 3 piece midsole. Two of the three pieces are made from a high-density impact material that bounces back constantly, and the third is the foundation layer which is basically your sturdy and weight bearing outsole. We have no concerns about it breaking down after putting it through 20 hours on a new board with fresh grip.

The sole of the three-piece shoe was unaffected by this. The shoe’s incredible comfort performance is due to the fact that all the materials used are extremely light and thin. We have found that the three-piece midsole is more comfortable than any other. You might want to replace the deck on this shoe with a new one.

This will allow you to adjust the grip to your liking, both on the board as well as in the shoes. You can see how great the boardfeel is by looking at the triangular outsole. The perfect outsole for skating is the Triangular grip pattern. We have seen Emerica’s different levels of durability and we are blown away at the G6’s endurance. The G6’s seem to be durable enough to withstand 20 hours of skating. Durability Grading: 10 G6 was a phenomenal performer and managed to keep in place for 20 hours of skating. The cupsole is durable and easy to use.