What’s It Worth? Nike SB Prod 8

The HUF Dylan and this shoe have met with so much hatred and skepticism, that there have been no other releases. One shoe is very narrow, while the other is extremely wide and has great technical capabilities. These are extremes in skate shoes. However, Dylan’s myth that he would not be able to skate well has been debunked. These are the best!

We won’t lie if you say that our initial impressions about the P-Rod 8’s were negative. Over time, the shoes took on a persona and personality. They were not as popular as Paul’s other models but we did see them at skateparks. It is extremely comfortable, and we could see why it was becoming so popular in the skate community. It feels more like a shoe rather than a shoe thanks to its excellent insole booty and great padding. This shoe also features FlyWire, a feature that is popular in Nike running shoes. The shoe’s sidewalls will become closer to your feet as you tighten them (#TOOcomfortable). The shoe will feel as if you are on a cloud if your feet aren’t straight. You can do flip tricks by elevating the heel. This shoe is not recommended for people who do not like high heels.

After 5 Hours of skating, Prod8’s.

While the shoe’s comfort is obvious, many have been curious how the Nike SB Prod 8 works. It works pretty well.

This synthetic material is not like leather or suede. It has a synthetic upper that is both durable and has hyper screen. The upper material is more susceptible to scratches than it actually is, so it may look worn. Your scuffed sneakers might make some sneakerheads weep. Despite all the jokes, the shoe seems to be extremely durable. Thanks to its fine cross-hatched pattern and deep grip, the sole is durable and flexible. This combination is great with a round toe that is not too narrow, but not too broad, and a lunarlon middlesole.

Wear 5 hour Toes

The sole was also very flat. The sole is flat, unlike most shoes that curl near the toe. Standing on your board will help you feel stable and planted. P-Rod, the true #swtichgod, is so straight on his boards 24/7.

This shoe isn’t all pretty. 1. The synthetic material is not breathable, and you will feel like you are walking in a swamp. It is made up of hyperscreen, large rubber sole pieces (great for protecting against heelflips), and very few. Effective The possibility of sweaty eyes from ventilation holes is possible. This is a good thing as it is colder weather.

2 $130. The “secondary” roles of this shoe are not related to job interviews and the search for significant other. It is more difficult to justify the price. The shoe’s design is more #teamhandsome that #teamjock. You can use it for lifestyle or basketball. Is that enough to make you spend so much? You can choose what you want.

These shoes are exceptional from a skating perspective and can withstand well beyond the 20-hour mark. Nike is willing to take chances and offer a new approach in skate design, while still maintaining a high level of quality. This is a different style from the W.I.W. Nike SB’s. These Nike SB’s, unlike our W.I.W., are worth the high price. Skate shoes can last up to as long as Tre AD’s, even though it is a hassle to spend $130.