Skating Past Awkward – Feeling Confidence on Wheels

Look, it not going to be a ballet and I get that skateboarding in public as a beginner can feel very uncomfortable. We’ve all been there. You are going to look awkward and there’s nothing wrong with that. No ones ever did a tre-flip first try. And even if they did, what of it?

Skateboarding in public can be avoided. You either avoid skate parks or go early in the morning when there is no one around. Still, you need to deal with it. Here are a couple of tips to make skateboarding in public less uncomfortable.

skateboarder laughing off a fall

1. Home Turf Rules

Start where you’re comfy. Your street, that quiet spot in the park, anywhere chill. No stress, just vibes.

2. Jam Out

Got a killer playlist? Blast it. Music’s like a personal hype crew in your ears. Drown out the noise and find your groove.

3. Find Your Tribe Online

Jump on TikTok, Insta, or whatever’s your jam. There are tons of skaters sharing their ups, downs, and epic fails. Trust me, you’re not alone.

4. Just Breathe, Dude

When on the board, zone in. Feel the roll, the wind, and keep those breaths deep. It’s like meditation, but way cooler.

5. Everyone’s Been There

Even the pros have epic slams. It’s all part of the game. So, take that spill, laugh it off, and roll on.

6. Lone Wolf Mode

No skate crew? No prob. Solo rides mean no pressure. You do you at your own pace.

7. Small Wins = Big Hype

Set mini goals. Nail that trick, ride that route. Every win, no matter how small, is a boost.

Look, everyone’s got jitters at first. But with time, patience, and a bit of steez, you’ll own the streets. So, gear up, chill out, and shred it. You got this. 👊🛹. You might want to check our guide to progress in skateboarding though.

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Ruben Vee

I love skateboarding but my age is catching up. I decided to use my experience to skate less and write more. 20 years of skateboarding allows me to offer original and unique insights for many styles of skateboarding.