The Nike SB Display at a local Dick’s Sporting Goods. Here, you’ll find Janoski’s, PROD 7’s & Kostons.

Some very disturbing news, but not too shocking, has been sent to us by our West Coast friends. Photos taken at Dick’s Sporting Goods (California) show Nike Skateboarding products. It’s shocking but not as disturbing, as we have stated.

Skateboarders may not see this as a big deal because you are not the owner of a skateshop. Because they are skilled skateboarders, you’re not a business owner. This is the truth of the matter. Skate shops are gaining popularity, which has led to large chain stores specializing in Janoskis. Skate shop owners had concerns about Nike entering mall shops like Zumiez, Foot Action, etc. We have learned that although skate shops may be able to keep the Nike Dunk exclusive, it was actually a tactic to make sure there was some fairness between the shop owners and the chains. Skate shops became dependent of the enormous wealth that all Nike Pro skateboarding models were bringing in. They then lost those models to any mall stores you could think of. Nike continues to be a major skate shop seller, which in turn helps keep their doors opened. The exclusivity rights of Nike are being renounced by local shops, which can lead to them closing down. You can expect that your local skate shop will be experiencing some difficulties as a result of the exchange of Pro models to obtain Dunks exclusive rights.

Now that we know that Nike Skateboarding merchandise was found in one Dick’s Sporting Goods it’s hard for us to believe what Nike will say to defend this absurd act. It isn’t like it’ll be only available in this Dick’s. That would be crazy. Nike wouldn’t have put enough effort into this. If their trial run goes well, we think they will be easily found across the nation.

This Nike display displays all the latest Nike footwear and apparel your local skateshop would have, if they weren’t unable to sell it anymore.

Could this have been what caused Active Mail Order’s decision to remove Nike from all its chain stores across the country? Yes, it did happen. It hasn’t been announced publicly yet but we’re certain you’ve noticed it if Active stores have visited within the last few days. Now, where do you go?

As we’ve said before, you vote using your dollar. Are you prepared to cash in your vote at Dicks and your local skate shop for a hefty sum? Are you prepared to sell your skate shop and go to the mall for the convenience? We’ll find out very soon…