Questions and Rumors: Dylan Rieder’s Next Shoe Sponsor

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We’re too busy gossiping about what brand he will be wearing in the next year. Dylan would not object to putting out another pro model. This hyperbole aside, which brand would agree with Dylan’s design suggestions?

This is a real dilemma Dylan would face if he signed with another shoe company. That is ultimately what made Gravis the best alternative skate shoe brand. They not only offered skate shoes that could be worn at a club, soiree, or wake but they also fit the most unique and beautiful skaters. The Dylan was, at the time, a revolutionary shoe.

No matter how many times his shoe was mocked, every time a skater found himself getting ready to go for a job interview they wished they had a pair of shoes that appeared on their feet. Instead, they were skating on the feet skaters wearing cuffed pants and smoking cigarettes, trying to imitate Gravis’s most beloved pro.

Dylan was a master of creativity at Gravis. Now that Gravis is gone, it’s hard to imagine Dylan moving on. We don’t know if he will be as influential or allowed to work in the shoe design field at Gravis, but one of these three is certain. There were rumors that Dylan and Austyn would land on CONS at one time.