Osiris D3’s are Still Alive & Well

The Osiris D3 is highly praised by many. Osiris D3 has been called everything, from the best-selling to the most ugly. The results of the Osiris D3 can be very different depending on who is viewing them. It was evident that the D3 was on your foot. Those who are curious can replay embarrassing moments while wearing the D3s.

This is the region we love more than any other European country. It is now a lower-ranked place on our top list of places to visit. It is known for its amazing food and addictive atmosphere, according to our research. There will be dads and ravers wearing D3’s who aren’t willing to let go of their youth. A large Italian skateboarding/sports shop recently promoted this shoe. It’s like Hot Topic for skateboarding. They also sell core-skateboard products like Jordans and decks. Crazy. Japan should be proud of this. It was a good decision. Italy should stop drinking wine once in a while if it wants to wear D3’s again.

Cross promotion between a Corey Duffel Osiris ad & a few D3’s. Perfect.

Skateboarder Mag’s “15 Things” section (RIP) is one of the most memorable sections ever. It was located in the back of the magazine and was known as the “chocolate on the top”. Skate-nerds needed this section to learn some interesting and sometimes even irrelevant facts. This column covered all categories as well as behind-the-scenes information about the industry, pros, and shoes. The complete list can be found here. This is fact number 15. Here’s the backstory to the most troubling shoe that most people regret purchasing:

Osiris’s top brass won’t hesitate to discontinue a seller that isn’t doing well. Osiris wasn’t optimistic when Dave Mayhew asked for large lace loops in order to make his third professional model. The D3 was bulky, heavy and complicated. The lace loops made it look awkward. Although the D3 was a success in its first year, sales began to fall. Six years later, something was unimaginable. Tony Magnusson, who is the shoe’s owner, says that the shoe was about to be pulled from the line but then it took off like a rocket. Many believe the D3 2001 skate shoe, which was updated in 2001, is the most loved pro-model model.

Skateboarder Magazine is going to be missed. It could have even done the Versus section between Janoski and D3 (even though this section was for trivia about pros and pros). If Janoski had been the top-selling skate shoe, we would have been able determine that. We are confident that it has, but numbers and confirmation can prove to be more helpful.