News Update: New Balance enters skateboarding footwear

New Balance is entering the skating market at this point in time. This news comes amid the likes Nike, Adidas, and some may argue KSWISS. We aren’t as surprised as we should. It’s been in the works since quite some time.

While some may be puzzled at this bizarre news, we are more surprised to learn that Jamie Thomas is a pioneering skater and core brand owner. Big brands often knock on our doors looking beaten, battered and tattered. Jamie, however, has enrolled himself to help New Balance grow their brand.

Each company has gone through their own transition, but the truth of the matter, is that in the 80’s skaters were often seen wearing Converse, Pumas, Nikes, and Adidas. New Balances skaters have no pictures in their “Made to Skate”. We’re curious: New Balance has no previous models, such as a Blazer or Dunk, so how can they win this uphill fight?

We’ll keep our readers informed of any further developments.

Do you have any ideas about a team?

Jamie won’t be moving anyone to Fallen from NB, it has been confirmed. But anyone at this point will catch us off-guard. Friends in NYC reported that PJ Ladd was seen wearing the New Balance Numeric shoes. This will make him a New Balance ambassador. They look very similar to Kostons & PRod’s shoes, with the traditional N logo.