Leaked: Nike Skateboarding’s P-Rod 8

The internet is such an inescapable vortex, which is exactly the reason why this section of the site exists. As we’ve put it in the past, hosting something up on the internet is like peeing in a pool, it only spreads. After doing our regularly scheduled checks on the SLAP message boards (who knew it’d still be useful, even after the 14-16 yr old takeover), it looks as though someone couldn’t wait to post the new P-Rod 8 for all of us to see.

Immediately, from what we’ve surveyed/observed, most are in disgust with it. That’s actually not a bad thing. For those who were in a constant state of denial about the return of tech footwear, you’ll be reminded of how mistaken you were once you see these on every teen, in every skate store and/or mall. These were reminders too but let’s be honest, they weren’t as complex as this P-Rod 8. Others are giving it a fair chance and want to see other colorways before completely dismissing it and that’s alright.

To add insult to injury, these shoes will apparently cost $130, making it one of the most expensive skate shoes of all-time. Not number 1 though, that honor goes to Supra and their $150 shoe. We might have to update this list eventually. Are skateboarders prepared for this price hike? Truth be told, we’re having trouble even seeing local skate shops carry this expensive model without struggling with it for a while. Does Nike and P-Rod’s image have that much pull to successfully market and sell a $130 shoe or will shop owners carry the much too common burden of having these hosted in their sale section? Only time will tell. Expect these P-Rod’s to drop on Go Skateboarding Day (June 21st).

Here’s the lesser tech version of the P-Rod 8. They’re called the P-Rod CTD. Might make more sense for some but we still can’t see them being any more affordable than its counterpart.