Details and Questions: Cons KA II

Almost every reader has asked questions about the KA-One Cupsole. We think there was something about the shoe that scared skateboarders. After reviewing them, everyone saw the shoe’s potential. It may also be related that Converse has a second pro model by Kenny Anderson.

The Kenny Anderson 2 features a totally new model that is completely different than his previous models. This model does not share the same cupsole as his original shoe. In some ways, it’s even an exception. The new cupsole, which is found on the KA-II, has been nicknamed “Flexcup” due to its ability of easily contorting. Lunarlon Insoles have been added to the CONS footwear line. The Lunarlon Insoles will be featured on every Converse model this year. All this Lunarlon news has excited us, but we can understand why some may not like it.

Converse is now allowing lower quality skate footwear into its mainline stores by adding Lunarlon. Translation: All the Cons skate shoes you’ve worn will now be available at Zumiez, and all other major markets “Mall Shops”. Skateboarders could be offended in many different ways but we can see that others won’t lose their sleep over this news. Core skate shops can have a better product than the non-lunarlon Converse, which is less impressive and not as appealing to consumers. In the months ahead, we’ll discover how impressed consumers are with another spinoff on a CTS as well as if Converse Nike technology will be of any value.

In addition, consumers are holding onto their dollars even more tightly. Will some people be willing and able to spend $82.50 in a Kenny Anderson footwear ? We believe so. However, we know that it will require heavy marketing by Converse. A video would help, too. All the momentum CONS used to enjoy a few year ago seems to have disappeared. And the 48 Blocks interview doesn’t make matters any easier for the brand. Can skate shop and consumer owners ignore the Anthony Pappalardo interview, and still carry a product which was once strong but has a questionable sales ability? Or will the same short-term memory, appeal, and buy power we had for skate videos now show up in our beliefs …?