DC Mike Mo’s Review

We couldn’t be more excited for 2013. Skate shoes are now as innovative as ever, with technology being the main trend in skateboarding footwear. The DC Mike Mo S is a model that has been causing a lot of excitement. The Mike Mo S is the most technical model this year. It’s lighter and more structured than all others. Although seamless shoes are not a new concept, the combination of suede and TPU materials elevates this model to a whole new level. If you don’t find the Mike Mo’s unique features appealing, be prepared to be amazed by its functionality.

Information about the review: The shoe was skated for 20 hours and was reviewed using our month-long format. You can see the grading system below for each section. Our ratings are based on a scale of 1-10. 10 being the best, 1 being the worst. Enjoy.

Sizing & Support:
DC shoes have a reputation for being half-size larger over time and in our reviews. The same principles were reiterated in this review.

Comfort & Cushion
The Mo’s are ready to be skated right out of the box. The Mo’s are extremely flexible and well-constructed. The Mo’s initially felt a bit tight and overbearing at first, but they soon became comfortable. Although they are still tight at first, it is not a problem. You will love the snug feel. The Mo’s sole shape is our only concern. The Mo’s outsole shape is too narrow for people with wider feet. If you have a larger foot, the Mike Mo S is a good choice. You can try them out at your local shop before buying. The shoe is not recommended for people with wide feet. You’ll be more likely to have your foot fall on one side, potentially rolling your ankle. Without a stable foundation, your feet will pick one side of the shoe and you won’t be able to enjoy the shoe as much.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to be able to skate the Mike Mo S because of your larger foot. The DC Centric S is the solution to your problem.

The Mo’s offer great comfort. They mold to your feet, are flexible when you need them and are extremely light. The Mo’s are extremely cushioned, even for such a lightweight shoe. UniLite technology is a laudable option. It’s extremely light, despite its thick feel. UniLite technology is well-known if you have ever skated the Chris Cole S. Mo skates up stairs, and it’s going to take a lot of abuse on your feet. You know the importance of cushioning in this shoe if you want it to truly reflect Mike Mo.

Comfort:10. Mo’s are modeled after running shoes and have a perfect molding fit. Anything less than a 10, would be unfair. Although it will take some time to get used to, don’t worry.

Cushion: 9.5 The UniLite Midsole is the real hero behind cushioning, despite the Mo’s thin sockliner. The shoe is complete with everything else.
The DC Mike MoS from Week 1 through Week 4.

The DC Mike MoS from Week 1 through Week 4.

Boardfeel & Grip:
Mike Mo’s are great to skate. Despite all of the modifications, the shoe still represents DC with the traditional pill pattern sole. This outsole is extremely effective at giving you the boardfeel that you want, just like the UniLite. It’s also very grippy, especially with the “X” flex groove on the forefoot. This feature is a huge plus for us as natural Heelflippers. It makes it so much easier to grip your foot on the edge of the board. The shoe’s vulcanized feel makes it a fantastic cupsole. The Mike Mo S may be the best of both styles. This is despite the fact that brands have worked for so long to achieve this combination. The grip of the Mike Mo S continues to show the same results even after week 4.

Boardfeel: 10. The Mike Mo’s offer all the same benefits as vulcanized soles. The concave of your board can be felt easily, which helps with control.

Grip: 10. These shoes have a grip that is far better than we expected. We can only give a solid 10 rating.
From Hour 5 to 20, your toe durability will be the same

From Hour 5 to 20, your toe durability will be the same

The photos speak for themselves in this section. While the DC Mike Mo S was mindful of all categories, it was made to meet Mike Mo’s standards. He has stated that he skates almost every day and does some of the best consistent skating. Mike Mo is the one who will push the boundaries in terms of durability standards.

A small ollie hole appeared during week 3. However, it didn’t affect the shoe’s performance in any way. The shoe’s flick remained the same, and the barley was damaged. The shoe started to show signs of wear after 20 hours of use, but it was still in good enough condition for skating. Many other skate shoes would have seen this kind of wear within the first week, but Mike Mo’s shoe’s super suede and TPU layers delayed the shoe’s deterioration.

Suede: 8. The upper: 8.

Toe: 8.5 Even though the toe has barely begun to show significant damage during week 4, keep in mind that our reviewer did quite a few kickflips.

Outsole: 10. It’s amazing. The outsole survived a lot of kickflips, and the fourth week is behind us.

DC is pushing the boundaries in skate footwear and it looks like they are returning to number 1. The Centric S and Mike Mo S will essentially build a stronger fan base for skaters who want to support brands run by skaters. We noticed similar ratings for DC shoes. However, the Centric review might have more success than the Mike Mo. DC’s products have impressed us to the point where it is possible to wonder if they will continue to impress in years to follow. While it’s possible to surpass the products they currently have, it’s unlikely that they will be able to do so in the future.

The Mike Mo S is a skateboard shoe that will be around for many years. It will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity and gain a loyal following. Skateboarding footwear is not new to TPU materials, but the DC bond with their Super Suede and this amazing material will make the Mike Mo S a contender for the title of our favorite shoe of 2013.