Connor Kammerer’s Top 10 Non-Skate Shoes To Skate

This is an excerpt from the original.

If you haven’t seen Connor’s Tengu part, please do so before you start to read this list. It will give you all of the information you need for understanding the reasoning behind this list.

“I compiled this write-up on the shoes that I used during the Tengu segment. It can be difficult for people to understand where the line is when it comes to supporting local skate companies. I strongly feel obligated to support skateboarder owned companies that make wheels, trucks, and skateboards.

I believe it’s important for companies whose production factories are linked in some manner to skateboarding to be supported. I would totally support a Chinese-owned skateboard company whose workers were skaters in China.

The disturbing trend of everything being manufactured overseas by workers who profit from their cheap labor is troubling. This problem is more serious than the skateboarding business, but it has been made worse by skateboard companies. Despite the lower profit margins and quality of the deck, wheel and truck manufacturing companies, it is still possible to produce all things in America. We should support these companies.