Cupsole VS Vulcanized Skate Shoes Explained

vulcanized vs cupsole skate shoe

If you dive a bit into the subject of skate shoes you often see them described as vulcanized or cupsole. The difference is how the soles are made and how the sole connects to the upper part of a skate shoe. There are many differences between ‘cups’ and ‘vulcs’ but it mainly comes down to … Read more

How Long Do Skate Shoes Last? + Fixes

worn out skate shoe

Skate shoes are the most expensive part of skateboarding. While there are ways to make skate shoes last longer, typically skate shoes don’t last longer than 60 hours. That means you have to replace your skate shoes every 10 weeks if you skate 6 hours a week. This also depends on what type of skater … Read more

Are Skate Shoes Good For Walking?

DC Kalis S skate shoe

There is this myth that skate shoes aren’t suitable for walking. While there is some truth in this, it really depends on your type of feet and the type of skate shoe. Vans Classics, for example, offer little arch support, but their pro models are very comfortable and great for everyday use. Skate shoes are … Read more