Accidental Involvement: Joey Brezinski Speaks on Puma

This is an excerpt from the original

Puma has been involved in skateboarding for five years and there is no evidence to show that they supported it. Puma has never provided any evidence that they were actively involved in skateboarding, as there are no pro models.

Joey Brezenski was the only sign of their involvement. He was a one-man army and served as the TM (team manager), rep for sales, and brand manager for their entire division. Joey was able to find skate shops that carry their brand and to sponsor skateboarders who needed a shoe sponsor. Joey made the announcement that he was leaving Puma, despite all his efforts.

We all saw his loyalty to the brand, and we wondered why they split after it seemed like everything was going well.
Shop owners and industry leaders were reaching out to me asking about Pumas. I was the intermediary in opening accounts. I was always told by accounts and anyone else that I had to be precise when describing a skate program.

They said that they were a lifestyle skate shoe brand that is skateable or that the Suedes are somewhat skating-friendly, but not a skate company or brand. This was a strange way to approach it. It was a difficult thing to say. I was essentially an ambassador for the brand. There was no skate shoe manufacturer, but I was here and there is a kind of a team that supports skateboarding, but they don’t really support it.