The 10 Best Skate Shoes Of 2015

SSOTY '15, what's your pick for skate shoe of the year?

SSOTY ’15, what’s your pick for skate shoe of the year?

Disclaimer: Our list isn’t like many others. This list is compiled of shoes that had to come out in 2015. No previous releases or updated colorways count, had to be a new shoe for 2015. Also, we’re basing ours off of numerous aspects. Durability, design, technology, innovation, popularity and comfortability all come into play with this list. Lastly, this list was made possible from all of our reviews, contributors and data.

If 2014 was about having “tech” models, then 2015 was about nothing more than durability. Every shoe brand in skateboarding pushed and developed their product to the highest threshold and it showed. 2015 also evened the playing field with the return of the rubber toe cap. While this technology belongs to no one brand, some are doing it in different ways to keep consumers interested- but can this saturated process overwhelm skater’s and push them into another direction entirely? Only 2016 has that answer.

Durability has always been important in skate footwear but was key this year. If we weren’t busy finding out what shoe was practically indestructible, we were looking for the surprises along the way. For instance, all of the reissues that took place this year pleased the masses like never before, and if we had to guess, maybe 2016 will highlight this oncoming trend even more. With 2015 coming to a close, we’re excited for all things 2016. Thanks for checking out RL during this year. Hope to see you around in 2016.
-RL Team Of Nerds

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NB# Is Going Against the Grain W/ The Brighton Hi 347

The NB# Brighton 347 LN, by Jordan Trahan

The NB# Brighton High LN 347, by Jordan Trahan

It would appear that New Balance Numeric has no problem bending the rules when they see fit. Rather than slapping an “inspired-by” patch on an existing colorway, designers gave Jordan Trahan free reign over a shoe of his choice. The result is the Brighton High LN 347, an unapologetic cupsole the likes of which are scarce in a post-cherry world. Given that Trahan is still awaiting the pro nod from 5boro, we’re not sure if the BHL347 constitutes as a “pro model”; frankly, we’re just glad he’s getting taken care of. And in our eyes, it’s one of the first times, if not only time, where a Am could create a pro model from scratch. We’re liking these moves NB#. Read More

Buying Guide: New Balance Numeric Logan-S 636

NB#'S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

NB#’S Logan-S 636 in Black & Gold

For those of you who tried NB# initial release of footwear, you were pleasantly surprised by a tightly fitting shoe when ordering your true size. Most were infuriated and it could’ve easily tanked any other brand with the growing pains that NB# had. Luckily, with the care, concern, and feedback that NB# received from consumers, they were forced back to the drawing board to fix the most essential part of footwear- a proper fit. Read More

Agenda Sneak Peek: NB# Fall ’15 – Part 2

A new model appears in 2015, the Logan S 635 - $95

A new model appears in 2015, the Logan S 636 – $95

We leave off from part 1 with a slew of newer models debuting from New Balance Numeric. Notably, all cupsole models. Considering that they left off with models that are now staples in their catalog, you can rest assure that NB# is bringing out newer models to continue their appeal and commitment to their skate program. Everything from new team models and NB#’s first pro model skate shoe- with a twist… Read More

Agenda Sneak Peek: NB# Fall ’15 – Part 1

    An Arto Saari approved Quincy 254, with his Finnish mementos/details to boast.

An Arto Saari approved Quincy 254, with his Finnish mementos/details to boast. $65

As if you haven’t been anticipating our A.S.P. articles, we wanted to showcase one of the more silent brands in the world of skate footwear at the moment. It’s been a number of seasons since New Balance Numeric has found themselves under our lens and since then, we’ve been pondering about their whereabouts… Read More