Agenda Sneak Peek: NB# Fall ’15 – Part 1

    An Arto Saari approved Quincy 254, with his Finnish mementos/details to boast.

An Arto Saari approved Quincy 254, with his Finnish mementos/details to boast.

As if you haven’t been anticipating our A.S.P. articles, we wanted to showcase one of the more silent brands in the world of skate footwear at the moment. It’s been a number of seasons since New Balance Numeric has found themselves under our lens and since then, we’ve been pondering about their whereabouts… Read More

What’s New With New Balance Numeric?

Is this what we can expect to come from NB# in the near future?

Is this what we can expect to come from NB# in the near future?  A skate-able 574?

For those who haven’t noticed, NB# has been undergoing some reconstruction of sorts and it’s all for the better. Since departing from Black Box Distribution, they’re currently working towards a new direction, team models and pro models.

While they didn’t have a booth at the last Agenda in LBC, some of their representatives were sporting this mysterious model featured above. Could this be what NB# designers are cooking up? Since their inception into the skate footwear game, many have scolded New Balance Numeric for not designing the obvious i.e. redesigning their popular commercial models into skate-ready models for us to enjoy. We have nothing against their current selection of footwear but we’d be lying if we didn’t say we side with the majority.  In fact, if this 576 colorway was on a simple cupsole construction, we’d be all over it and so would you.

If this nameless model is currently being constructed perfected, something tells us that their mesh paneling will be reinforced enough to handle the abrasion from any and all of your kickflips. Hopefully this skate-able 574 gets produced and if so, please NB#, make it in this colorway. K? Thx. <3.

Stock For The Winter, Spend It In Spring – Pt 3

Who will you spend those racks on?

Who will you spend those racks on?

Ripped Laces cannot be held accountable for jinxing anything, but it seems like Mother Nature has finally brought us the warmer weather we’ve been craving. And although this east coast rain is a bitch, Austyn Gillette is good role model of how #teamhandsome deals with rain. Don’t ever let torrential downpours stop you from skating effortlessly in a slippery concrete park…

So, now that you’re ready to skate under sun until you can’t feel your legs, what are some more shoes we can’t help but recommend?

The Vincent.

The Vincent Alvarez pro model may help you skate at higher speeds.

Lakai: Ever since Lakai’s manufacturing shift, the quality of their product has increased ten fold, and their Spring 2014 line follows suit. Like always we like to start off with a vulc, and our top choice is easily the Lakai Alvarez pro model. The shoe can certainly take a beating especially with its raised foxing tape, and it sturdy beyond belief thanks to that Griffin outsole. If you’ve seen our joint review with Homage, then keep in mind that this is one of the heavier vulc shoes on the market. What’s the benefit of this? You’re feet wont be aching after a long sesh–these shoes will protect your feet at all costs.


The BB4, at a reasonable $75

On the cupsole side of things, the BB4, Brandon Biebel’s newest pro model may be the best choice for ya. He’s finally kissed goodbye paneled toe caps, which, while classic, are hard to make well/sell well. The new BB4 has a sleek silhouette and a shit ton of technology packed into it. Tons of ventilation, XLK outsole, and poron underneath the insole (A material used in high impact sports such as Hockey). It’s light, durable, and good looking. Be wary, if you slip these bad boys on, you may feel obligated to start working out daily and smoking absurd amounts of weed.

***Disclaimer – you will never be able to have Biebel’s muscle mass while still being able to skate. He is a phenomena*** Read More

First 5-Hours with the NB# Stratford 479


Because of its fast break-in time, we wasted no time abusing the Stratford 479 in every way possible. Here’s our results after 5-Hours of kickflips, ollies, heelflips, etc..

Call it luck or what have you but the winter weather that was tormenting us this past week is finally holding up in order to review this Stratford 479. Yes, admittingly, we’re a little late to the party considering that this model has already become a favorite amongst some of our friends, but for those who’re still apprehensive, we’re here to clear the air. First and foremost, there’s a reason why the Stratford 479 is constantly seen on PJ Ladd’s feet. In the very first hour of skating them, they have gained our praise to the point where our verdict on the shoe stands as such: they’re fucking awesome. The Stratford 479 will put any and all preconceived notions of ours and critics to the side with just 1-hour of skating. We’re certain of it.


The rubber from the sole seems to break-in quicker than normal but by no means are we counting it out. From our experience, the toe’s life will be prolonged once the suede comes into play.

As one of the premiere models out of the New Balance Numeric line, the Stratford 479 has given us every quality we can ask for. The fit is snug but not overwhelming, the flick is supreme and the tread pattern isn’t bad at all considering its straightforward design. If we had to describe it any other way, we’d say that the Stratford feels like an extension of your foot rather than a shoe on your foot. For a cupsole design, there’s a ton of board feel and more than enough support for those with a wide and/or narrow foot. As with every shoe, you should expect some break-in time but the normality of that is comfortably 1-3 days. The Stratford 479 takes about 20 minutes to break-in in comparison and after that, the shoe remarkably converts to the shoe you want it to be.

For the time being, the Stratford’s are holding up better than we expected. For our initial 5-hours of skating, we didn’t expect to be so pleased with a product that everyone had already signed off as ‘horrible’.

Word on the street is that PJ is already in the process of designing his first pro model for NB#. If we had to guess, he won’t stray too far from the Stratford 479 DNA considering how often he’s seen skating them. How this shoe can get any better is beyond us but we’re all for surprises. Can NB# pull it off or will they bite off more than they can chew? Expect to find out come SP’15.

Ryan Gallant Talks Leaving Shoe Sponsors, East Coast Skating & Missing Dunkin Donuts

After watching his recent Da Playground part, skate nerds (including ourselves) gasped when we saw Ryan Gallant skating in some New Balance Numerics. As trivial as it may seem, it meant that he was going to be the newest Pro announced to the team, right? No. As we came to find out, Ryan’s been skating whatever kinds of shoes he wants after leaving his longtime spot at Circa. Initially, we just wanted to ask him whether he had plans to be on NB# but it turned into a bigger interview than we had intended. Enjoy.


Everyone’s been asking us, how did those NB#’s end up on your feet in your Honor Roll Part?
Well, basically, I’ve been off of Circa for a few months. I’ve been just buying Vans for a while after I was off Circa. After a while, I wanted to start figuring things out because I never really had to ask people for shoes but at the same time, no one knew that I was off Circa. I got John Rattray’s number through our mutual friends and I just hit him up because I knew he was doing NB#. I asked him for some shoes and he was like “Absolutely”. I was going to Da Playground that weekend to film my part and just brought those shoes with me.

I heard that you filmed your Honor Roll part at Da Playground within 2 days. Is that true?
No, it wasn’t 2 days. I think I did that in maybe 4 or 5 days, tops. They had my ticket out there for like 9 or 10 days but I can’t do that many days inside a skatepark because I get over it pretty quick. I’d wake up around 11am, go skate throughout the day and figure out what I wanted to do.

What was the hardest trick for you to film for that part?
I don’t know. Sometimes it’s the easier tricks that are the harder ones. Maybe, the front blunt on that flat bar was the hardest. I would just fly right into the wall when I was trying to come off of it. Originally, I wanted to revert out of it or try to shuv it out but I was over it after getting the make. I didn’t even want to use that clip but it ended up in there anyways. That was probably harder than everything else in my Honor Roll part.

Hardflip Wallride. Photo: M.Daughters.

Hardflip Wallride. Photo: M. Daughters.

Let’s go back to NB# for a sec. It’s a new skate shoe brand and it plays so well with your heritage seeing as how both you and the brand are from Boston. Is it kinda like a dream come true?
I mean, it’s cool. So far I just got one box from them. We haven’t talked about being on the team or anything, but like you said about them being from Boston; it’s just like something I would want to skate in. Plus, PJ’s backing them too. I remember living out in the suburbs and my dad worked in Boston and we would drive to the city everyday and he would drop me off to go skate and New Balance was right off the side of the Mass Pike right there. It’s funny because he’d always joke about it when I was younger and say “Why don’t you go in there and try to get something going with New Balance?” and this was around the time that Nike was just coming into the game. [laughs] It was always funny and now they’re actually doing their skateboarding program with PJ and all those other dudes. So far, it’s just a box though.

How do you feel about those NB#’s?
I do like NB# but at the same time I gotta thank HUF because they just sent me boxes too. So y’know, this could just as well be an interview about why I was skating in HUF’s I guess. Like I said, I’m not on either team but of course it would be cool. Right now, I’m just skating different shoes. But I do like Vans, HUF and NB#. Read More