There are countless conversations happening at skate shops every single day. Some constructive, while others include the mandatory shit talking that makes skate shops great. We’ll never capture the true essence of sitting in your local skate shop because nothing can. What we do try to convey is sitting in a shop and talking about the latest and/or lamest product that just hit the floor. That includes everything, not just skate shoes- although it is a central part as to why we exist. Without a proper skate shoe, we’d all be wearing our dad’s hand me downs. :/

RL invites you to rant, comment, and tell us how a product worked for you with every post. In the true nature of conversation, everyone brings a different element to the table and we’re no different. It’s because of those reasons that we’ve had contributors and even readers like yourself, write and submit reviews from time to time. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, click here. Thanks for walking in to “our shop” portion of the Internet, now let’s talk some shit. <3

-RL Team Of Nerds