Emerica Re-Introduces The G-Code With A Modern Twist

The G-Code Re-Up – $74.99

It’s been close to 6 years since the G-Code was shelved in its original form. Since then, the landscape of skate footwear has been everchanging. We’ve gone from tech, then puffy, and somewhere down the road, it looks like we’ll be right back to tech & puffy.

With the relatively quick return of this model, (think about how long it’s taking people to get an OG Lynx) it’s fitting to suggest that the entire skate community needs this shoe back on their feet. Although it isn’t in its original form, it has come back with few modern updates.

For its initial offering, the G-Code Re-Up comes in White/White & a Vol 4 Black/Yellow.

For starters, the G-Code Re-Up is on an entirely new outsole. The new triangle tread outsole is guaranteed to break-in instantly and with the backing of the G6 cushioning, you should feel some support in every step. Opting out of a straight cupsole construction, the new Re-Up comes to us as a Cupsole/Vulc hybrid.

The difference between the original and this modern version is clear but what’s hard to tell is if they’ll feel as good & skate as good as its predecessor. We’ll report back with what we find.

If you can’t wait until then, find them online or at your local skate shop for $74.99.


  1. mustard

    November 19, 2017 8:45pm

    no substance to these whatsoever. just get rid of the corny arch of holes and even that midsole stripe and theyd at least look clean without a false sense of style and design. its literally just a one piece upper (which is fine) but with an illusion that theres more to it.


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