DC & DIME Team Up To Re-Release DC Throwback Models

Dime has made little effort to hide their affinity for the mid-late ’90s. Between some of their tongue-in-cheek Glory challenges and prior shoe collabs, one wouldn’t be entirely out of line in assuming they have no intention of living in the now any more than they have to.

Learning of a new DC collab with one of their more divisive models from years past, we have to admit we weren’t entirely surprised to find the DC Legacy once again in front of us. Not known for its skateable attributes, we were hard pressed to come up with any reason this shoe exists again – especially considering the rally cries for certain other classic DC models – other than nostalgia for a bygone era. Puffy shoes are starting to make their way back, slowly but surely, but the “tech” era is (assumedly) aways out still.

Office talk over time has certainly had us questioning if Dime is just playing a long-running practical joke on skateboarding and we’re all falling for it (gladly).

Leave it to Dime to once again surprise us.

What you see above is a modernized Legacy, complete with the techy look but minus the part where the shoe doesn’t bend and you can’t feel your board. These are straight up skate shoes, complete with an anchor toe rivaling anything else out there and a notable lack of rubber on the upper. Talk about taking advantage of a collab opportunity.

Of the many modernized versions of classic models we’ve seen over the last few years, this one may very well rival the best of them. No price point or name yet for this Legacy 2.0, but we’ve been assured these will be added to DC’s skate line in the near future. As in, this isn’t a one-time deal. Keep your eyes peeled.


  1. Neuf

    October 29, 2017 7:34pm

    The Legacy skated just fine when I had them 20 years ago. Just had to break them in a bit, like every other puffy (normal) shoe back then.

  2. Oliver

    November 2, 2017 11:24am

    I had the OG versions and completely hated them but those modernised versions look really good and to me DC have somehow stumbled on a unique and good looking design despite the original’s clear ‘influence’ from the Air max 95.

    Overall I’m loving this nostalgia trend but some could’ve been done so much better, the Vans x Dime Fairlane surely could’ve had a slimmed down sole no?!


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