The Space Program Takes Over NYC

There’s nothing better in the world at keeping you young at heart than skateboarding.

Not the cynical bullshit that comes with it in increasingly higher percentages as the years pass, but actually getting on your board and making something happen. Skating with your friends. Road trips. New places. New tricks. Hype. Attaining the previously unattainable. Despite there also being nothing better at making you feel old, there’s a certain whimsy to the potential of what can happen when you first put 4 down that day. It’s the high we chase that keeps us abusing our bodies and wallets well past any reasonable point.

Yet, it’s rare to experience that wanderlust vicariously. All the childlike wonder that comes with where skateboarding might take you is a difficult idea to convey visually, and rarer still is an NY trip edit the catalyst.

Pilgrimages to skate meccas have long been a tradition amongst our ranks, yet most visual evidence tends to be less about that experience and more about getting clips at recognizable spots – check marks on video part spreadsheets and Insta-obligations – or more about the aforementioned “what comes with it”. It’s been a long while since we’ve seen a trip edit that was more about the excitement of being somewhere truly special as much as it was about clip stacking.

The Space Program, one of our favorite up-and-coming board brands, trekked from Spokane, WA to our home base recently for a few days and reminded us just why we’re so lucky to have NYC in skateboarding.

Featuring: Austin Visintainer, Jordan Rosales and Nathan Vitale
Edited by: Mike Miller
Filmed by: Sebastian Lopez and Mike Miller
Photos courtesy of OBSRVR Mag.


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