Pros in 2017 Without a Shoe Sponsor: Zack Wallin

It’s been quite some time since we initially introduced this segment to RL. While the topic could be taken a bit backhanded, this taboo subject of “pros without shoe sponsors” is one that we hope to highlight rather than stray from. Yes, skateboarding’s popularity is by no means slowing down, but does this equate to dollars that would then pay a newfound pro on a brand’s roster? More than likely not, but if there so happens to be a place opening up out there in skateboarding’s job fair, the subjects of this column should rightfully be next to sign that illustrious 1099-Misc form.

If Zack Wallin hasn’t been on your radar within the last five years, you simply aren’t paying attention. What began with a part in Bonus Round from the infamous yet enjoyable Tilt Mode crew steadily charged forward into a career worth watching. Wallin’s been backed by DVS for as long as we can remember until just recently.

He kickflipped a whole fucking street and threw a nollie bs 180 down Wallenberg in the same part. Must we really go on? In 2017, the skaters who are getting noticed take unique approaches to otherwise tired spots and Wallin does so with more speed, more pop, and way more power than most around him. If your intro part to Enjoi starts with an ollie over a bench and the entire patch of asphalt it sits on, then you’re off to a promising start. But, if you keep besting yourself with each part, then you deserve to get the proper footwear treatment.

PROS: Convincing prank caller. Skates stuff that can kill you.

CONS: He’s an out-and-out skate rat, but that could make him more difficult to market. Who would’ve thought…


WOULD BE NICE TO SEE HIM IN: New Balance. They have great tour edits, but Wallin could fit right into NB# while fulfilling their void of an all-around powerhouse.

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  1. T.A.

    August 30, 2017 5:17am

    It’s there in the last sentence of your last paragraph: Proper Footwear.


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