POTM: May 2017 – Nike SB Blazer Low-XT

Available now – $80

Once considered a basketball shoe, the Blazer is now an iconic skateboarding staple. Of its many reiterations, some find the original to be its best form, while others have enjoyed its brief CS (cupsole) construction. Whatever your preference, Nike SB has reengineered one of your favorites to make it last longer than you expected.

It should come as no surprise that the Blazer Low-XT looks like Cory Kennedy’s inaugural pro model, and while that may be the case to the naked eye, they’re certainly different. Upon a closer examination, we spotted some taller foxing tape that lends itself to a sturdier build and a longer-lasting sidewall. If you’re a bit weary of the similar toe, the Blazer Low-XT has more coverage throughout the forefoot area and comes built on a narrower last. This means you’ll have sharper flicks and probably more board control as a result.

As an insole standard, you’ll find the Nike SB Zoom Air beneath your feet and some underappreciated centering tongue straps that’ll keep your foot snug. It’s the same Blazer you know and love but built to last longer.


  1. George Hutchinson

    September 12, 2017 12:35am

    Let’s not lie here, this shoe is out because Nike realized they don’t have to pay Corey Kennedy anymore


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