Airwalk, Now Available In High-Fashion Boutiques

Or just take the official one and get it over with… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Within our subgenre of skateboarding, there are a plentiful amount of other subgenres. From the growing vintage anti-skate logo skateboarders to baggy cinched swishy pant-ers to your tried and true dickies and basic tee army, let’s face ourselves – fashion is far and wide throughout skateboarding.

Fashion and trends alike often peak across the pond before ever becoming acceptable here in the US. Examples include how Japan was skating Accels for years before a reissue was truly warranted, and again with the current cinched pant climate reaching the US after being embraced in Europe for quite some time. There’s no telling whether these regions are stuck in the past or are so far ahead that we can’t even begin to understand- which brings us to the latest strangest development that we’ve seen in quite some time.

After catching up on the history of Airwalk, you’ll understand (if you weren’t there) the gravity of their once-global-dominance, and with that magnitude of popularity following them due to nostalgia, it could explain why you can find them in one of France’s most popular establishments today. Colette has been a popular mainstay in EU since it was established in 1997, their growing fame coming as a result of their high-end fashion tastes. Everything from exclusive books, designer toys, and the most intricate/rare/chic clothing pieces ever seen can be found throughout their 3-floor store, which includes a “water bar” (which holds a selection of over 100 different types of water). Now that we’ve put this store into context, Colette is now carrying Airwalk. It’s the equivalent of Supreme carrying Vision Streetwear.

From Colette’s webpage

In what feels like a bad practical joke, Colette is taking a huge risk by carrying a brand that’s now best known for being sold at Payless. But what is fashion without risk (or whatever)? While an establishment like Colette has the ability and tastemaker touch to accomplish such a feat, don’t expect skate shops far and wide to start carrying Airwalk. Yes, enjoy your cinched pant and Ralph Lauren combinations, but don’t be tricked out by some “’90s are back” motto.

If so, you’ll end up looking like the photos that your big brother regrets looking back on today.


  1. nonickname

    May 3, 2017 7:55pm

    the guy in the blue jacket in the socal ad looks a bit like Lance Mountain.

  2. Andre Pereira

    May 4, 2017 1:57pm

    you should make an article with this ones

    250 euros of “optimal flexibility, grip and board feel”.

  3. bulbolito

    May 8, 2017 7:41pm

    Yeah they’re sold at Payless here in the philippines too. I want the classic airwalks though.


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