The Yellow Gear Takeover

This is only 5% of the yellow goods that have come out since the start of 2017

One can’t entirely be too sure as to why there’s always been a trendy seasonal color. Whether due to an oversaturation of other colors from previous years or because a self-proclaimed “genius” dubs a new hue groundbreaking, no one really knows for sure.

While the scientific explanation behind this phenomenon is still a mystery, we all know that this year’s color of choice is (strangely) yellow. Yes, I can hear the screams now in the comment section beheading me for not writing pink in place of yellow, but as arrogant as Yeezus himself, I’ll stand by my statement. While pink has been incredibly popular this year already, it’s not 2017’s color of choice in relation to clothing or footwear because it’s much too powerful and timeless to be pigeonholed within a year.

From vulcanized models to cupsoles, yellow has been everywhere. Long sleeves have specifically seen their fair share of shine with the playful color- and this trick only amplifies the reasons to wear it. In fact, people have even pulled a straight Brandon Dicamillo (cue Mustard Man), and to much of our surprise, it works. In an effort to understand skateboarding’s latest trend, we’ve decided to analyze the best category we know as a means of better figuring out yellow’s takeover…maybe.



Category: The Cushy & Protective Yellow Option
With yellow being such a loud color, you wouldn’t want a huge pillow-like model on your foot, but you do want some similar protection without the extra bulk, right? Fittingly, Nike SB & Adidas’ latest team models sport the best protection for your buck. Telling by our Bruin Hyperfeel review, you’ll pass customs with no problem when traveling overseas but, more importantly, you may summon BA-like varial flips (hopefully). If you have his signature jersey to boast, your chances will more than likely double. Similarly, the Superstar Vulc will provide all-day protection with its ADV midsole and, if that’s not enough, you can try to do your best Drake Jones impression with the potential of floating feet away from noseslides. If that’s not possible (we side with the idea that FS noseslides are actually easier), then at the very least the pastel yellow will help you stick out amongst the crowd.


Category: Fashionably Yellow
Sebo’s technical ability doesn’t need to be anymore highlighted than the yellow found on his Krooked-backed Griffin colorway, but that’s not to say that his model doesn’t stick out in good ways. Just like the Superstar Vulc, this is one of the few soft yellow offerings that isn’t too aggressive, which leaves room to finesse in them while other colorways can be a bit more limiting; essentially, use the same logic you would use when coordinating with white shoes and you’ll be fine. The Hupper 2 Lo’s, on the other hand, are a bit darker and call for some ingenuity when matching your kit with them. The golden brown along with the Hupper’s overall aesthetic make it one of the dressier shoes you may find yourself subconsciously wanting. The underlying rubber toe makes for a durability factor that outweighs most potential mismatching, and you may have noticed that it’s 2017 and there’s a large contingent of skaters who’ve thrown color coordination to the wind. Doubling down, HUF’s Cromer would normally wind up in the category below, but they already did straight mustard yellow and chances are you went for those as more “skate”. This neon colorway could prove detrimental to your retinas, but you can always pull a B. Herman and skate with sunglasses on the whole time.


Category: Straight Up Skate Yellow
The selection above will probably result in the best skate shoes that you can just lace up so you can hurry up and be a part of the yellow wave while it’s still around. Diamond’s Torey is straightforward and will only result in fewer distractions which should equate to more tricks landed. A one piece toe and some moderately midtop support is more than enough to encourage you to get out the door (without flailing your arms, please). The same could be said about Lakai’s Flaco; while it has some more color blocking accents on it, Stevie Perez’ pro model is known for having a narrower last which makes for a pointy toe. If your kickflips aren’t perfect in these, it’s not the shoes – it’s you. State pulled out the stops with their Spring drop and gave us a yellow Hudson that is so “skate” it could’ve been released at any point in the last 25 years. We can envision Jovontae doing late shuvs at Embarcadero in these just as easily as Christian Maalouf blasting a kickflip today.

Did we miss any? More than likely, seeing as how they’ve been coming at a rapid pace…


  1. Moon

    April 19, 2017 2:16am

    Plz learn the differences between yellow and orange

  2. Rick

    April 19, 2017 3:52am

    I’m not sold on this prediction yet, most often you’ll find that the trendy color of the year is just the ‘Pantone Color of the Year’. Pantone chooses it at the beginning of the year and designers use it for the next 12 months so that it seem like they are embracing an organic trend. You’ll find it matches up really well with shoes, so its no big surprise that last years Pantone colors were light blue and light pink. The color this year is green, check out CCS for example and see how many green shoes they have vs. yellow or even pink.

  3. Duh

    April 19, 2017 5:17am

    Designers work ahead, i thought. Some companies and industries work seasons ahead, sometimes a up to a year. Could it not be the other way around? That Pantone picks up through it senses what colour is beeing worked on, or is already been seen in shops early in the year? Pink is circling around for way longer than past year as i remember. But i don’t care for colour trends, unless… I bought some leftover yellow pairs recent years with a lot of discount because not many people were keen on buying them, apparantly.

  4. Gilbert Stork

    April 19, 2017 6:02pm

    James Coleman is yellowman MVP

  5. Sean

    April 19, 2017 11:33pm

    So 2000. Love it.

  6. C

    April 21, 2017 7:00am

    Neva Eva. Those yellow NTS disgusted me.


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