Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon: The CONS Weapon Skate

When CONS released the Weapon Skate, we made damn good and sure it lived up to our expectations before recommending it.

Initially a basketball shoe from the ’80s, 2014 saw the Weapon brought back to life (along with a good slew of retro-ish basketball shoes) and reworked for skateboarding purposes. Not to get into the “most durable shoe ever” debate or anything, but we’re hard pressed to think of one from the last few years with more going for it in that department.

Not unlike the intitial Emerica Brandon Westgate model, the Weapon was a bit too far “ahead” of its time for the liking of most. Lil’ tiny shoes were (are?) the prominent sellers, and deviating as far as CONS did ended up not working out as well as, frankly, it should have.

The Zered-backed Weapon was about as aptly titled as possible; Schwarzenegger probably could’ve taken out the Predator with it. In our weartest, we learned quickly that even with panel stitching all over the toe and ollie area, 10 hours put almost no noticeable wear on it. Essentially, the Weapon skated like a shoe out of 2014 and held up like a shoe from 1999. Every now and then, CONS will release a model that’s a bit off-brand from what they’re up to, and they’re almost always amazing – usually just as strong an offering as whatever else they’re pushing at the time (last year’s Metric CLS is a good example).

It seems, though, more often than not we want a shoe that can take a beating that doesn’t look  like a tank. The Weapon Skate was anything but subtle, and perhaps we just weren’t there yet.

In 2014, we placed the Weapon Skate as the 4th best shoe of the year. Here’s to panels and stitching that can take abuse.

From our Best Of 2014 piece



  1. G

    April 4, 2017 11:08pm

    The slimmer Lunarlon in these were so money. Bought 3 pairs when they dropped to clearance. Those insoles still get used… so money.

  2. Micky

    April 5, 2017 11:03pm

    Best shoe ever. Make it look good and it will sell.

  3. tae

    April 6, 2017 7:12pm

    This is an awesome shoe that should be on shelves all the time. Durability is its strengh.

  4. crazy

    August 6, 2017 3:14pm

    New converse fastbreak mid looks like the weapon skate spiritual successor might cop it, even though it not converse skate


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