NB# Releases Its Coldest Colorway Of The 868

NB#’s 868 – $109.99

New Balance’s hi-tech 868 first turned eyes with its forward-thinking design and is doing it again with its latest colorway.

As such a standout shoe already, the 868 is probably skateboarding’s most technical shoe to date (Sorry D3 enthusiasts). The progressive design showcases hints of nostalgic skate footwear facets for a brand with no skate history throughout its catalog- which only opens the age-old debate of larger brands doing “skate” footwear better than “skate” brands. Is this becoming increasingly true, or is it false? Bicker amongst yourselves…

While NB#’s 868 carries a design reminiscent of skateboarding’s golden 2000 era, it also comes with that era’s price range. For $109.99, you can rest assure that the price will reflect it’s value, but more importantly, can you pull off the burr-like colorway? It’ll be tough but, with the Spring season in stride, we’re sure some of you fashionable males will do this incredibly ambitious colorway justice.


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