Skate Shoes That Left Too Soon: Emerica G-Code!!!

There are a lot of contenders for this column within the Emerica camp, but perhaps the most sorely missed over the last few years is the G-Code. Just look at it; so nice and clean and crisp, that pretty Emerica script, the subtle paneling and one-piece toe, the puffy-but-not-too-puffy tongue.

Discontinued in spring of 2013 in favor of the Herman G6, the G-Code remains an all-time favorite for many, finding the perfect marriage between feel and durability, cup and vulc, and bulk/padding and slim profile – and that’s before you even get into the multiple perfect colorway options. Seriously, every colorway was a winner.

Perhaps the only skate shoe with three exclamation points in its proper title, Bryan Herman’s 3rd Emerica pro model continued the Herman 2 idea of a basic yet wholly memorable and aesthetically 100% Emerican shoe that’s difficult to find any issue with… an idea they promptly put to the test with this collab:

In keeping with the general and sincere not-giving-a-fuck-ness of all things Baker-related/adjacent, B. Herman gave the skate shoe industry at large and consumers something to think about with the Shake Junt-est collab possible. Considering how divisive the Junt has the tendency to be, one might think themself justified in asking why they didn’t take a more subtle route.

Sure, a collab between two related entities isn’t anything new or exciting, but very few shoes have ever actually spelled out a literal statement. While some older folks found themselves a bit turned off by the outwardness of it all, this gave a lot of kids something to believe in and hold on to.

Do you remember what that was like? When you grabbed hold of the Toy Machine monster or Wet Willy or Angel Boy or the Future Primitive cover or whatever it may have been? What that did for you, these did for a lot of the younger generation of skaters. This was some skate rat shit for skate rats.

In the end, boxing in the G-Code!!! to one collab is hardly fair to such a solid member of the Emerica legacy, but it does serve a purpose: there’s always another lens through which to view things. Outside of that, we do truly miss the early Herman models, and if we could bring back any Emerica shoe of this century for a re-release, it’d be this one. All-around flawless design intended solely for skating the shit out of is what you found here, and damn – this one really left too soon.

We’ve debated amongst our ranks whether or not the Herman G6 was a better move on Emerica’s part since the changeover. Was it?


  1. Noah

    March 8, 2017 8:36pm

    Good thing Emerica is bringing it back for Holiday 2017.

  2. George

    March 9, 2017 12:40am

    Isn’t Herman working on a new shoe.

  3. Davie Dick

    March 9, 2017 2:34am

    Found some burgundy Herman 2 samples at the thrift yesterday, not my size but a neat little relic.

  4. Jek Leung

    March 15, 2017 6:23am

    They were out forever, but still the reynolds 3s left too soon!


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