Leo Valls Makes The Jump From Adidas To DC Shoes

Christmas tree or Mexican flag, we’re down for this colorful assembly. Straight off the ‘gram.

After the release of a part in February for Transworld’s twenty-ninth full-length video, Riddles in Mathematics, it appears that Leo Valls has hopped from his long-time sponsor Adidas to powerslide in DC shoes.

Opting for a colorful look from the waist down, Valls is sporting DC’s toe cap offering, the Evan Smith S. A surprise hit from last year, the Evan Smith marks a deviation from DC’s more technical footwear, but the prospect of Leo Valls offers a whole new rabbit hole for DC to dive into.

The super team has their hands supporting most types of skaters, but they have not hit the smaller board brand ethos until now. Whether or not Leo Valls will end up fully on DC’s program is another story-  but here’s to hoping to see more footage of his incredible skating, regardless of what’s on his feet.


  1. Dav

    March 31, 2017 2:43am

    like putting milo in coca cola.
    Love to see kalis thoughts on this.


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