Introducing Vans ArcAd & The World Of ASMR With The Vans X Quasi Collaboration

It’s no surprise that Gilbert’s second pro model has been embraced by everyone, but at the peak of its momentum Vans dropped another huge announcement with the debut of a new Quasi collab. Coinciding with their new distribution program, Vans Pro Skate ArcAd, the shoes embody Quasi’s one-of-a-kind approach through and through.

A first in skate footwear, the packaging comes with two boxes: one fitted with a pair of Crockett Pro 2’s and the other with a pair of Slip-On Lites. Both models are equipped with Vans’ Ultracush HD insole and Wafflecup outsole, but the main attraction is the upper. Covered with a custom one-piece woven jacquard based on Quasi’s boom pattern, each model delivers a captivating aesthetic found nowhere else in skate footwear.

While the Crockett Pro 2 comes re-engineered with translucent Rapidweld layers to provide lightweight reinforcement and durability, the Slip-On Lite is better left to wearing off the board alongside the custom labeled satin-lined cinch backpack/tote bag. It will be released in very limited numbers at 40 shops globally this Saturday, March 18th and retail for $120.

Of everything in this amazing debut, we found ourselves puzzled by the media that came along with it. Confused and enticed altogether, we reached out to Chad Bowers at Quasi to ask him about the release of their first collaborative model, and what the hell was with that random woman who kept whispering…



How did this collab all come about?
A year ago Vans approached Gil and I to do a shoe under a new program called Vans ArcAd.

Were you hesitant at all? Nervous even?
Maybe a little. Quasi is still new and it’s so easy to pick a suede color and call it a day. We tried to do something different with Vans. A woven jacquard one piece upper isn’t something Vans is known for.

With that said, the whole approach was different. Who came up with the double box concept? And was there any resistance when the idea came up?
It’s two pairs of shoes and a bag. One Gil 2, a pair of Slip-ons and a bag. One to skate and one for not skating. The box seemed obvious for that concept but I have to give credit to Neal and Vans for that idea.

Talk to me about who exactly that whispering woman is? Not gonna lie, I was a bit freaked out…and a bit scared.
Her IG is @whispersred_asmr and she does an ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) channel on YouTube. The whole ASMR thing is this weird subculture on the internet that makes relaxing videos. I think it’s kinda boring when people talk about the technical side of a shoe, so now there’s a 30-minute video on her channel talking about the shoe and triggering people.

Are you into that? Or is it just something you noticed and thought, “Yeah, let’s send her some shoes for this”
I’m not into it really. I think it’s kinda funny and strange. From what I understand, it helps a lot of people relax. We mailed her shoes and she was down. The future is strange…

Love it. Lastly, with all the momentum that Quasi has at the moment, along with the peak commercialism of skateboarding “fashion” with the general public (i.e. everyone getting Thrasher Hoodies), do you foresee you guys being embraced by Hypebeasts? Is that something you fear or take in stride?
At this point in time, I think we’re on the other side of that, but you can’t really control who will end up buying or wearing it. I’ll say that we offer everything to the shops first. First come, first serve. We’re going to keep making what we want. That goes for board graphics and gear. If a beast wears it, fuck it. We would’ve made it anyway.


  1. george

    March 17, 2017 2:44pm

    vans trying to out-weird jenkem with a new shoe release? not sure which video was more uncomfortable to watch…

  2. Michelle

    December 4, 2017 5:53am

    Omg that asmr video Emma did is my absolute favorite! Love me some shoe tapping asmr!! Thank you for sending those to her!!


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