Emerica’s Reserve Collection Embodies The Boss’ Perspective On Skateboarding

In a legitimately philosophical move, Emerica has created an entirely new Andrew Reynolds model to compliment his general life view.

Minimalism is often preached in skateboarding, but finding the balance between our inherently consumer-based passion and a more quality-over-quantity lifestyle seems to escape most of us. The Reynolds LV aims to tangibly represent the idea of both simplicity and contentment by way of as basic a vulc model possible with very minimal branding, but made with full grain premium leather. If the idea was to cut the excess, Emerica and The Boss succeeded – this is a very slim model with only the tiniest amount of non-utilitarian elements.

Reserve models come and go quick, so if the shoe or idea behind it speak to you, we suggest hitting up the Emerica site ASAP. The Reynolds LV is available in all white and all black for $90, and supplies are extremely limited.


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