A Velcro Old Skool Pro Is One Of Two Rowan Zorilla Colorways From Vans

Rowan’s take on a classic. The Old Skool V – $70

The standard release of pro models (and colorways for that matter) have always been singular – one shoe for one pro, right? Well, this wouldn’t be the first instance where skateboarding has broken a rule or made an exception.

The latest brand to flip the script is Vans with their debut of not one, but two pro colorways for ambidextrous pro Rowan Zorilla.

As with its endorsee, these featured pro colorways have eccentric touches while remaining subtle altogether. Of the two, the stand-out model is clearly the Old Skool V (above); with velcro straps (#trendwatch) replacing a standard laced upper on a longtime favorite, there’s no telling how fans of the shoes will react. Whether positive or negative, Old Skool enthusiasts can take comfort in knowing that their beloved team model features a remarkable HD Cush insole and a custom Shep Dawgs outsole. The same fit and feel essentially, but with velcro straps.

Mr. Zorilla’s own Old Skool Pro – $70

If you’re truly uninterested in the ease and utility of velcro, Rowan’s second colorway might be for you. For those unwilling to take a fashion-forward leap, you have the equally attractive and flashy Old Skool pro from Zorilla’s personal POV. You can never go wrong with an all white upper, but what makes this staple rendition even better than the original is it’s cream checkerboard pattern throughout the paneling.

Each model features the exact same technology and price, so it’ll be quite difficult deciding which to get. Each are available at Vans.com or your local skate shop.


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