Skate Whatever The Fuck You Want With Municipal Skateboards

Deal of the year found at 88 Grocery in South Philly.

We’ve seen the deals at skate shops and we’ve seen the outlets that provide an astronomical discount on actual skate shoes, but we have never seen this. A street corner deli in South Philly advertising $16 sneakers is too good to be true and oddly expected all at the same time.

Without knowing much of what the selection would look like, the boys over at Municipal Skateboards took it upon themselves to see if this deal of the year would hold up. Filmed throughout various spots around Philly, Jahmir Brown, Toly Bitny, and Kris Arnold put these off-market shoes to the test.

One shoe is reminiscent of a Busenitz (how could you not tell by the giant soccer ball on the side of the shoe), while the other shoe sports a more basketball-friendly look with an airbag throughout the entire sole. Goddamn…

As with all things #SkateWhateverTheFuckYouWant, these shoes got the job done, which only makes us think, what is a skate shoe? By the looks of this video, and tons of others under that hashtag, everything.

Stay up to date with Municipal Skateboards on IG and peep the selection from their latest drop.
Filmed and edited by Zack Sayles & Nick Wnorowski.


  1. tomisrad

    February 13, 2017 5:18pm

    Those soccer shoes are kind of sick in that colorway…


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