Emerica’s Centry To Debut In The Most Nostalgic Colorways

JT’s before and after. Courtesy of IG

It’s no secret that Emerica dug deep into their crates to reimagine some of their most iconic models from the past for their Fall 2017 catalog. The Reynolds G6 serves as a hybrid of the Boss’ first two pro models and the Centry is a throwback take on Jamie Thomas’ Emerica pro model. While the latter release has sparked some controversy for not getting the thumbs up from the Chief before re-releasing it, the now team model is scheduled for release later this year.

In staying true to their heritage, the colorways to come are very reminiscent of previous eras.
Which colorway are you looking forward to trying?



Dark grey/Grey





    January 27, 2017 7:06pm

    DEF getting the olive and maybe the black too

  2. matthias

    January 27, 2017 9:30pm

    what did the chief say about these?

  3. Damian

    January 28, 2017 1:43am

    Had all of these colorways come with a black-gum bottom instead of just the JT homage, then these would have been bought by the set instead of just one or two. Just saying, Emerica.

  4. Jay

    January 28, 2017 5:35am

    I guess Thomas no longer has the say on this. Unless his name is slapped on the shoe

  5. Will

    January 28, 2017 2:06pm

    All three of them!

  6. justin figueroa

    January 28, 2017 4:51pm

    would kill for the black ones

  7. mike

    January 28, 2017 10:41pm

    no all black… seems odd… that was the cooker


    January 29, 2017 2:20am

    I don’t even remember the original JThomas Emerica’s having a black upper w/ a white + gum sole.

    Just a black upper w/ a black + gum sole…

    Not sure why that isn’t being mentioned

  9. Steve

    January 30, 2017 2:27am

    It would have been fun to see the Chief get back on Emerica, after all, it’s one of the few companies that with still fit his persona. Nevertheless it looks like a great update.

  10. DAVE

    January 30, 2017 6:41am

    Hello, it’s me Dave again.

    As far as the politics of not giving the Chief the heads up before re-releasing his model, it’s probably written in the contract when he first signed way back in the day. I’m sure that his shoe is the property of Emerica, and he has no say what Emerica has to do with it. Let me just say, I love Jamie Thomas as an iconic skateboarder and businessman. I’ve been buying Emericas since the late 90s. But if Jaime ever said, “Would’ve been cool to get a heads up” about the re-release, it sounds like some passive aggressive comment that’s completely unnecessary. Sorry man. I know it can be chalked up as something that he’s “just saying”. But goddam is that some pussy ass fucking back-handed comment or what? Is he allowed to say so? Sure! He’s allowed to have his own opinion. As a matter of fact, he can say as much as he wants! But he knows as well as the next person, if he’s to reopen Fallen and wants to re-release the Chris Cole, he’s probably allowed to and can do it with or without telling Cole. He can probably re-release any pro model that’s designed under the Fallen umbrella if he wants to. That’s how business works, that’s how shoe deals work. If a designer or pro works under a company during a certain time period, they’re there to produce a product which will hopefully sell for the greater good of the company. When they leave, they don’t get to take their shoe with them and claim money on that shit. No! That’s it! Maybe if your contract is up and you want to renew, then you renegotiate. But more often than not, you sign on, all that you do during that time belongs to the company. Now, would it have been cool for Emerica to say something? Sure!! But at the end of the day, Emerica didn’t have to do anything. And if Jaime was a little butt hurt about it, I understand.

    Let me tell you something about business. It’s cold as fuck and a person can always hide behind the books and numbers. Anything else is really just a courtesy that’s not required or mandatory. Would it would help to be cordial to one another to make business flow smoother? Yes. But back handed comments like what Jaime supposedly said doesn’t sit well and is actually quite unprofessional. People with iconic status and with business awards like Jaime should know better at this point in his career. When legends like Jamie even utters a whisper, it becomes a loud scream. You think Gonz still talks about what Bind has become since he’s left? Come on man! Stop bitching! Oh right! You were allegedly “just saying”.

    So going back to whether Jaime actually gave his blessings for the shoe? I have no idea if that’s even true. People have been talking shit about Jaime since 1995, give him a break! Hasn’t he done enough to deserve the courtesy of a phone call? an email? a text? an instagram mention?

    So here’s a message for Jaime. Hey Jaime, you are one of my favorite skaters of all time. Not only for your skateboarding but for your keen business sense throughout the last 20 years. You want some courtesy for the Emerica re-release? You definitely deserve it 100%! But skaters are skaters so give them a call and find out what the deal is. I’m sure there could be some stupid office fucker who was dicking around on facebook when this shoe got made and forgot to tell you. Think about it, what kind of an ass fucker would forget to contact you for re-releasing your pro-model. And if they did intentionally not call you, then at least your call would do one of 2 things. Put them in a position to corner themselves to be exposed as fucking assholes, or, maybe they’ll find a fucking office fucker they never liked in the first place and fire his ass as a scapegoat. But since you called, maybe you can use your business sense and talk them into doing some sort of promotional thing for the shoe. Because guess what Jaime! You ain’t got a fucking shoe sponsor! And guess what Emerica! You ran out of ideas so you had to go into your back catalog!! Here are two fucking skateboarding entities who’s fucking professional trajectories are obviously fucking lining up like a mother-fucker!!!!! Stop being cowardly passive aggressive bitches and call each other and make some fucking money!!!! Nike, Converse and Adidas don’t have history or heritage that goes back that fucking far to have a back log of legendary pro models! So make use of yourselves and do something! We all want to see this shit you fucker! Just take a few photos for just this limited run and be done with it! Sal Barbier did it for his Es! Natas did it for his Etnies shoe. Come on!!! Jeeeeesus fucking christ!!!! Do I have to do fucking everything around here?? Fucking A-Shit for fucks sakes!!! Send me a fucking box!!!!!!

    I’m drunk

  11. Oliver

    January 30, 2017 1:57pm

    They look really good and I think Emerica are missing a trick by not getting JT involved in some way. Either way I’ll be buying the black pair.

  12. mustard

    February 1, 2017 12:31am

    these look so damn lazy

  13. Dr. Robert Doback

    February 22, 2017 1:01am

    Olive/ Black/ Gum is fire. Also Emerica has the opportunity to tap into the wallet of every guy who grew up skating in the late 90’s / early 00’s by bringing back some more heritage cup sole models like this. The 90’s are trendy af right now. Also get rid of that fugly Grey color, add the Chief’s signature, and do it as a limited release. Could bring some needed excitement to Emerica. Sol tech, you can thank me later. Also send me a box.


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