POTM: November 2016 – éS “Warmth Pack” Accel Slim Mid

éS Accel Slim Mid in Dark Grey/Black - Warmth Pack colorway

éS Accel Slim Mid in Dark Grey/Black – Warmth Pack colorway

éS Footwear has been delivering memorable models for years, and their recent set of releases are no exception. In adding to the longevity of their iconic skate shoes, the time-tested brand has recently been experimenting with old favorites.

Upon the return of the Accel, designers at éS brought forth a more modernized version for all walks of life to enjoy. In modernizing their most popular team model, the Accel Slim was born and éS is continuing to progress with the times as they’ve debuted “The Warmth Pack.”

Available in both the Accel Slim and Mid counterpart, these winterized versions come equipped with all the variables to weather the unreasonably colder climate to come. In highlighting the Mid, it’s our favored pick of the two because of the additional protection given when dealing with those couple of inches of snow or puddles of rain. Moreso, the Warmth Pack has been upgraded with premium suede and a fleece liner to deflect from any and all frigid elements.


Expect to see East Coast team members Tom Asta & Wade DesArmo embrace the Warmth Pack during this harsh winter weather.

You can find the éS Warmth Pack Accel Mid online or at your local skate shop for $74.99.


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