DC’s Durable Trase Slip-On Is Available Now


For such a simplistic build, the significance of the Slip-On from every brand is growing at a steady pace. This year, we’ve seen Slip-Ons come in many forms from many brands, and DC is adding another Slip-On to their diverse catalog of skate shoes.

The initial DC Trase Slip-On options came in a more traditional form, but the new Trase S RT Slip has a few bells and whistles that separate it from the competition. The coinciding growth of the rubber toe trend has tagged along on this shoe and exponentially extends its life expectancy, utilized similarly to the Wes Kremer 2 model. Another seemingly subtle feature involves a leather heel counter that effectively improves the shoe’s stability. Everyone knows how floppy Slip-Ons can get over the course of skating due to their unstructured build, so the potential of feeling even more secure when skating this shoe provides even more reason to want to try it.

The DC Trase S RT Slip-On is available now for a reasonably priced $60.  Find these at your local skate shop or online.


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