A Brief Word With Skin Phillips On Dennis & His Busenitz Pro

Before debuting our interview with Dennis Busenitz on his Ten year anniversary with Adidas, we had a quick chat with Skin Phillips to get his perspective on such a milestone. Dennis also happened to be in the room. 


How do you explain the success of the Busenitz Pro over this lengthy period of time?
Well, if we all knew what the formula is, everyone would do it. I think ultimately, the profile of the shoe needs to look good, and the Busenitz Pro still looks good. It was almost the perfect storm to get Dennis because he fits the brand perfectly. People really like Dennis so it all lined up really well. When the shoe came out there was nothing else really like it in the market, and it still does well. It’s a classic profile that has stood the test of time really. All of the profiles went classic. It looks like a classic soccer shoe. Everything that came around with it was perfect too.

What’s it like having Dennis as an anchor on the team?
Is that anchor or wanker? [laughs]

Dennis: Answer the question!

Dennis is like the team captain, but he is shy and quiet if you don’t know him. He won’t admit that or say it, but he is a role model for sure. I think a lot of the younger guys on the team look up to him.

There’s an interview where he was asked about being dad, and Dennis said, “Don’t be an ass. Lead by example.”
Yeah, Dennis’ skating leads by example. I think Dennis has high standards as well. He doesn’t put up with mediocrity. He’s a solid professional skateboarder.

Dennis: It’s cool that it looks that way.


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